How We Roll

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“So, um, Mom, something happened in the upstairs bathroom. The roll of toilet paper fell in the toilet! Not the whole roll, only part of it. So I just worked for a bit and I picked off all the wet parts. It wasn’t that much. I pulled that stuff off and flushed it down the toilet. Now the roll is totally fine. Yup, we can still use it no problem.”

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  1. Hilarious. What does it say about him that he immediately went to work to save what could be saved rather than wasting it? Something good, I think. 🙂

  2. Coming from the mom who hates wet paper anything: Eeew!
    Looks like you've got a resourceful young lad on your hands.

  3. LOL!

  4. PeaceLoveHappiness says:


  5. Haha if they are fine with using that thing, I say let them!! What good problem solvers 🙂
    btw it seems like Erin is the most frequent name among your commenters

  6. Yep…. looks good as new to me !

  7. Ecce Quam Bonam says:

    This is P&R on steroids.

  8. Michelle says:

    hey, the weather man is calling for snow maniana, so we need to save the toilet paper, no matter what!

  9. Sooo funny!! (and sooo gross!) 😉 I had to share this with my hubby who grew up in a family of just four boys. He laughed!! 🙂

    So what was your ruling? Did the TP stay or go?

  10. No, I couldn't bring myself to have that thing sitting around.