My Quick Takes


  1. Rachel, I received my copy of your book 2 days ago and am halfway through already. I am enjoying it so much! My only regret is that I'll be done reading it too soon.

  2. {#4}We all need a best friend when we're like, what, 18 months pregnant!

  3. Jennifer @ Conversion Diary says

    That is so cool about your book. I'm not surprised at all that it's selling well. I was at a playdate this morning and the other mom mentioned that she's excited to get a copy of your book — and she doesn't even have boys! It's definitely getting great buzz. Congratulations!!

  4. Don't feel sheepish about #4. That kind of compliment would make my day, too, and I'm not even pregnant!

    I've got your book on my wish-list for whenever someone next asks, "what do you want for….?" Can't wait to read it!

  5. Mrs. 2nd Lieutenant says

    our kiddo is in desperate need of two year photos – can you recommend a good place? 🙂

  6. I'm glad to hear about your "baby." We're expecting #6, but #5 will be three by the time she (or he) is born, which is over twice as old as the other girls were before becoming big sisters. It's hard not to think of her as "the baby," because she actually managed to hold on to the title through her entire babyhood. 🙂

  7. Dorian Speed says

    The only thing that would make #1 better is if it were called "Cotillion."

    I hope we live somewhere that allows me to dress my boys in white pants for spring evenings of dancing and clever conversation when they are "of age."

    Also, I preordered your book, but forgot that we'd switched banks and cancelled the old debit card, so I received about seven notices from Amazon that I thought were spam until I read more closely. Fear not, though, for I shall place my order again AND tell my library to order a copy. A-ha!

  8. rachel joy says

    I just found your blog through Kerri (Hi Kerri!) and promptly added you to my feed reader. I've got 3 boys 5 and under and am kind of that place of going "Oh dear, now what?!" I've also added your book to my wishlist. Mother's Day, perhaps?

  9. This has nothing to do about your quick takes, but I noticed the ad on the sidebar was for NuvaRing birth control . . . I thought you might like to know.

  10. Hey Rachel! About #1: we rented our white pants last year, $25, since we knew we would have no need whatsoever for white pants ever again. Also, Social does have a sale of used pants/blazers. You might want to check w/them to see when it is. See you all at the spring formal! My one and only gets to wear a tux this year. I am so excited. :0)

  11. I was laughing about #1, since I just read the list in your book about worst shopping tortures….!!

  12. I just got your book in the mail!! Yay! I can't wait to start reading it. The shopping trip sounds very fun!

  13. Rachel – just got your book in the mail today. I'm so looking forward to reading it!!! Gaby