Checking In

1883 1883_ () 1883 1883 We had a very busy, wonderfully amazing weekend. Our oldest had his first big dance with his etiquette/dance group (called Social). This was the Spring Formal, the one we went shopping for. Ethan wore white pants and navy blazer and looked very sharp. He had a great time, and we had a blast watching the dance and hanging out with friends. I can’t tell you the last time I had three hours to just sit next to a dear friend and talktalktalk. Then we got to go out with all the kids afterwards and had more fun! If you have Social (or something similar) in your area and are considering it, I highly recommend — we had a really good experience with this activity this year.

Yesterday, Augie had his First Communion and it was beautiful. Really, it could not have been more perfect. Except that I forgot my camera and have no photos of anything. But other than that, perfect. (I am praying that some photos come my way.)

And you know, I’m really at peace with that minor FAIL. I know that I have this memory to keep and ponder in my heart. It was a blessed day.

I was reflecting, during the Mass yesterday, how wonderful it is to be a bit more seasoned with these kinds of events. I remember the stress and anxiety I felt during Ethan’s First Communion — I wanted everything to be perfect. And it wasn’t.

Yesterday was perfect because I had no expectations, other than to have an ironed shirt for my son (thank you DAD! I love you!), and to get him to the church on time. We did it! And my son did wonderfully well.

I was also pleased because his grandparents were there and lots of aunts and uncles and cousins. Aunt Anna, his godmother, drove in (thank you Anna!) and Augie wore the bow-tie that he wore in his godfather Uncle Josh’s wedding (Josh lives in Utah and couldn’t drive in for the event! — but we missed you and love you Josh!).

And I’m a bit frustrated and sad that I can’t wax eloquent any further (right now anyway) because life is just moving very, very fast here. As it is, it took me three hours from when I first wrote this to coming back to actually putting it on the blog. I know this is how things are going to be for a bit — I hope you bear with me! 1883″ ? .



  1. Rachel,

    We bear with you! We are an understanding bunch. I've only had 4 children and I don't think I'd be back to blogging so soon, like you are! No worries…we will read what you write, when you write. We know you have other more urgent priorities right now (like nursing and sleep).

    I send you hugs,

    Amy W.

  2. Anonymous says

    Yup! Take 'er easy. It's worth waiting for your posts.

  3. Soutenus says

    Enjoy as much of your babymoon as possible. And just plain rest-up!
    We'll still be here.

  4. KatieButler says

    I am so with you on the "no expectations" thought. We had baby #4 four months ago and my still-somewhat Type-A self has learned to throttle back and accept the manta of, "what needs to be done, will get done, and what doesn't…won't!"

    God Bless Augie!

  5. Anonymous says

    Congratulations Augie!! Allison wanted to say "Hi Aunt Rachel! Yea Augie!" I enjoy reading your blog.

  6. RosieJo says

    Don't forget that most cell phones have cameras these days and you can immedialtely email the pictures to yourself!!