Danielle Bean, Rockstar

1944 1944_ () 1944 1944 One huge part of attending last weekend’s CNMC was meeting my sister-of-the-heart Danielle Bean. I’m sure you know who I’m talking about. She’s awesome.

Obviously there were lots of totally cool people at the conference/celebration. A few, like Lisa Hendey and the Willits‘ I had met before. A few more, like Robyn Lee and Sarah Reinhard, Maria Johnson and Pat Gohn, I knew but had not done a ton of chatting with. Danielle was someone I have become really tight with but had still not met in person.

The thing is, and this speaks to the awesomeness of the Internet — it was like meeting someone I already knew. Like it was fun to get to finally hug the real person who I already knew, between reading her stuff, emails and talks on the phone. We had a blast. I pretty much had a blast all around. I can’t wait until I get to see all these people, Danielle especially included, sometime soon.

I will write more later and how meeting people in real life gives the Internet a soul, but for now I will post this picture, a photo that I stole from Danielle who stole it from Robyn. This is pretty much how things went for us this weekend.

(yes, I laugh a lot. Also, based of my review of the blogging panel footage, I say the word “y”allwaaaay too much. Y’all, it’s so embarrassing.) And here, below, is a more serious photo that I stole from Aquinas and More, of us at the Fake Cheers Bar in Faneuil Hall. Important networking going on right here.

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  1. The company way more than made up for the food and karaoke!

  2. Awwww, it was so awesome finally meeting you, Rachel! But it really did feel like we just picked up where we left off — like we've always known each other.

    Kisses to Isabel!

  3. Amanda M. says:

    you two are awesome – 2 of my most fave authors ever. 🙂

  4. love the baby carrier!

  5. Christine C. says:

    Do you just love your Ergo? Don't know how I managed without it, esp when you have a baby that insists on being held constantly. I actually carried my exhausted 4 yr old around in it (on the back, obviously) just the other day when we were out way past nap time and she could not go another step.

  6. Dianna@KennedyAdventures says:

    Squeal! Look at the Ergo! I'm in Love!

  7. If I could have met you two, it would have been like meeting celebrities!! Seriously your blogs and books have gotten me through many a mothering meltdown 🙂