Big, Little

1961 1961_ () 1961 1961 Isabel, you little five-month-old princess — you are about to get two teeth. They are right there, about to pop through. And you totally want to eat big people food, just like all the people around you.

But you’re the baby. No teeth allowed! No food either! Just stay little, the precious little pumpkin sweetie you are. Okay? Thanks.




  1. The Little House That Grew says:

    I feel the same way about my "baby" 20 months later. You can not be asking for specific pj's already. What a sweet letter to a sweet little girl. To bad they don't listen.

  2. oh yes, please do not grow anymore isabel!

  3. two teeth? already? five months? wow – time sure flies.

  4. I'm feeling the same way about my Jake. The last of my boys (who by the way was also born on April 7th) He doesn't have any teeth yet but if the drool and crankyness is any indication it won't be long. Love the picture it so captures the look of "Oh please just one bite" 🙂

  5. Love it. As a mother of a nine-month-old "fellow princess", I can attest to your plea. My baby now has 8 pearly white daggers (can also attest to this, as a nursing mother). But she's still a perfect little peach and eating big people food is a great new adventure for us both!

  6. MaNiC MoMMy™ says:

    Oh wait… you DO have a girl?? Just reading along your blog! : )