Death By Chocolate

1976 1976_ () 1976 1976 “Son,” I wanted to say, “this is not the best way to sneak a brownie. Take it from a pro — what you want to do is just slightly chip away at the side. You take a little sliver here and there and make it look like the brownie just pulled back from the pan during baking. Taking it from such a central location sorta draws attention to the fact that you disobeyed me.”

But to say all that would be enabling.

“Son,” I said instead, “you disobeyed me.” 1976″> ?



  1. Somehow he thought you might not notice that hole in the middle of the brownies….Absolutely hilarious! Love it!

  2. Heehee. Boys don't know how to be subtle. My mom was going to serve a cake to her Bible study group, years ago, only to discover that my brother had licked the frosting off.

  3. scmom (Barbara) says

    Just like boys think the dirty glass will disappear into the kitchen counter and the dropped napkin will disappear into the floor, he thought the hole would disappear into the brownies. I so get boys.