More Logistics

1970 1970_ () 1970 1970 Soooo, I’ve cancelled my local book signing scheduled for this Saturday. I blinked (blanked is more like it) and it’s already time for the signing and I dropped the ball BIG TIME in getting the word out. So for those two of you out there planning on coming (hi, Mom and Dad!), we’ll take a rain check.

I do have a few more other exciting events to add to the side-bar and will do so soon. Do you live in Alabama? I’m coming your way! There is a Junior League Christmas Festival in Mobile and I will be there, sitting off in a corner — the Author’s Corner! If you live in that part of the country and want to come see me, mosey on over and say “hahdoo.” (That’s Southern for “hi.”) 1970″>



  1. The Little House That Grew says:

    I am SO THERE!!! I live in Mobile and would LOVE to meet you. I have been to that Christmas Bazaar in the past..
    Are there all 3 days..or just 1?
    How fun!!

  2. I would love to see that you're coming to the Middle Georgia area sometime soon. I'm hoping to get two signed copies!

  3. The Schwant Family says:

    Oh yay!! I'm in the junior league of mobile!! Can't believe you'll be here, I'll bring my book! 🙂