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Over at Faith&FamilyLive! I’ve been sharing about the insanity of our milk intake — and a brilliant idea my oldest boy got that should help us take things down a notch. But honestly, if you’re going to have too much of something, milk really isn’t the worst option, right?

Also, I’m discussing Coffee with Friends. It’s a great concept. I think these ladies pictured above are really on to something. Look how much fun they’re having!




  1. Man, they really ARE having a wild time. 🙂

  2. The Little House That Grew says:

    They are BOILING in all that drinking a hot drink and having no AC to go home to..what is there to smile about?

  3. Lil House: Two words: Dough. Nuts.

    (Did you see how the one lady has one stuck on her fork there?)


  4. Yes, I noticed. And did you notice the dead-eye stare she's got goin' on? She's not taking her eye off of that doughnut. I'm afraid if anyone reached for it, they'd draw back a bloody stump!

  5. Hi Rachel, My wife and I have enjoyed your blog for a while. We're a little behind you (3 boys, 1 girl) but appreciate and relate to your blog! I ran into this today (not sure if you're hockey fans or not) and thought you'd enjoy:
    Thanks for your great writing!
    Matt and Richelle Pedersen

  6. My husband commented the other day that since kids we've never once had to look at an expiration date on a gallon of milk. There's no way we'd even come close to that date!

  7. Ah, milk. For the last three weeks we have enjoyed as guests a young couple expecting their first child. They both drink milk. Lots of milk. Our usual (family) consumption rate is five to six gallons per week. The first week I bought seven gallons and ran out. The second week I bought eight gallons and ran out. This week I bought nine gallons and ran out. What's an expiration date?

  8. Love idea about one gallon per boy! I imagine that they will learn pretty quickly how to ration it. We do this same concept with "screen time" for our boys – so much time per week and when it is gone, that is it until next week. They aren't quite big enough to have the bottomless pit thing going on, but I know its coming. I will have to remember this idea! Let us know how it goes.

  9. TestosteroneMom in MD says:

    I have 3 teenage sons. We would go through 2 gallons a day between drinking and cereal eating, and hubby and I do NOT drink milk except for a small splash in the morning coffee and occasional cooking needs. I grew up with older brothers and I learned a long time ago that this was just something that I would need to accomodate for in the grocery budget. It means that we cut back on other things, but so what? Teenage boys are bottomless pits with hollow legs to be filled and I don't mind at all. Is it expensive? YES! It is worth it in the long run? ABSOLUTELY! I haven't looked at an expiration date in 10 years. My oldest two have now left for college and the consumption and purchase of milk has drastically been reduced to 3 gallons a week. Kids are only home for such a short time and it all balances out in the end.