High Standards

2002 2002_ () 2002 2002 I was giving my baby brother a hard time recently, he who is thirteen years younger than me and hovers above me at 6′ 5″. He is in a band with two of our brothers (and my brother-in-law) which makes this band very Swenson-heavy. The band has a gig next weekend and I recently came across some artwork for the upcoming gig that was less-than-ideal. In fact, this sister would call it “offensive.” And I try not to be all knee-jerky about things. I come from the camp of: I personally don’t wear a bikini; I don’t expect the rest of the free world to be offended by them.

As I am the oldest, I take full advantage of my place in the family. In this case, the situation needed to be addressed. I immediately gave my brother a (kind, gentle) earful about the artwork because I can. I’m the oldest; it’s my job. I’m not a jerk about it, but I totally hide behind Oldest Child Syndrome when absolutely necessary. I address things out of love, right?

The deal was someone else had done the artwork for the gig. None of my brothers had seen what was posted on Facebook — that crazy, complicated gathering on the Internets where you can be “friends” with your dad, your father-in-law and your former middle school principal all at once. Yes, all those people can be looking at Rock Band Artwork associated with you (and your family because nearly all your brothers are in the band). This can be a problem when your name is attached to something you yourself have not seen. These brothers of mine all have jobs, professional lives that don’t involve them being full-time rock stars. This artwork? It flies in the face of that.

So I texted my little bro.

Me: The Facebook band picture?

Him: Haven’t seen it.

Me: Immodest ladies.

Him: I heard it’s 3D.

Me: You can’t tell on Facebook that it’s 3D. It’s just tacky. How am I supposed to spread the word if I can’t link to the page?

Him: Don’t know.

Me: Who made the flyer anyway? I guess (not to heap guilt) I’m just thinking of dad seeing that, you know?

Him: I don’t know who made it. I’m sorry you find it offensive. Definitely not our intention.

Me: (I don’t respond)

Him (ten minutes later): ?

Me: Trying to come up with a response without sounding preachy. Something like “just because you didn’t *mean* to offend me doesn’t make the pic acceptable.” But, you know, preachy.

Him: I understand where you’re coming from.

Me: This is how I see it: if a bunch of good boys from a good family can’t stand athwart the culture (be in the world but not lower our standards) then who can?!

Him: Mormons.

(and yes, the picture has been changed. My brothers and bro-in-law aren’t Mormons, but they are such good boys.) 2002″ .



  1. Ha! Had to laugh at his response at the end… And the entire exchange!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Your mother thanks you, and loves you both…all!

  3. You done did the right thing! You were just looking out for them, and as you said, all out of LOVE! There are perks to being the oldest! What is really tough is being the youngest (in my case) and having to tackle with the older siblings about less than appropriate behavior on their part…

  4. Three Little Brown Kids says:

    I'm mormon. Glad you thought of us!

  5. So you gonna link to the fb page now? 🙂

  6. This was hilarious.

    Oh, and I've got 5 girls. Want to get together? 😉

  7. Agnes Regina says:

    Yay! Modesty for the win! I am glad for your brothers! 🙂