A Note to the Free World

2004 2004_ () 2004 2004 Hello all you dear, dear readers,

I am briefly emerging from the hole that is non-Internet living (also known as the Real World?) to say I shall return one day soon.

Both my computers are in the shop. I am at Paul’s office working on my weekly column. I hope the computers will be fixed soon (and/or I will have a NEW, BETTER one!) and then I will get caught up on email and all that good correspondy-type stuff.

In the meantime, please remember that if you live in the Mobile, Al. area I will be there next Friday at the Junior League Christmas event. Come say hey!

Also, I will be in Savannah next Saturday for a book signing at Saints and Shamrocks book store from 2-4 p.m. Maybe I will see you there?

Take care and in the words of Ahnold, I’ll be bahhhccck. 2004″>



  1. I have to comment on your Arnold quote…he used to come into the ice cream shop my family owned on the Cape, and he would really say that when he left!

    P.S. He always ate the Rum Raisin ice cream in a waffle cone.

  2. Keri Sullivan Ninness says:

    I have missed you in the cyber world! I cannot brave the drive to Savannah with my child who is clearly allergic to her carseat. My mom is coming to say hi though and grab a book for me as a gift! So sad to miss it!

  3. Thanks for meeting up with us last night at the Bees Knees and for giving us laughs and perspective and insight…wonderful evening!

  4. I'm sad that your computers died, but very glad that you and your beautiful, smiley, adorable, daughter graced the law office with your presence.