I’m Not Even Lying

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For the next few weeks, you’re going to have to bear with me. Gramma and Papa are off visiting the newest grandbaby (welcome, dear sweet Miles!) and while they are away I will be filling them in via The Blog.

Entry No. 1: Isabel Stands.
Aunt Jojo (shown here with the way-cool shoes) propped Isa up on the stool and low and behold Isabel stood there for at least a minute. She steadied herself and didn’t buckle under the pressure of me screaming (have you seen the crawling video? Then you know what I’m capable of).
p.s. How do you like the new rug? It was exactly what I was looking for and I’m so excited I found it, just in time for a big shower I hosted the other night. Isn’t hosting stuff the best? Totally gets all kinds of things marked off the To Do list.
p.p.s. My stew turned out GREAT. So delicious that each and every boy thanked me for the nice dinner (which they always do, but many nights because I force them to). Cooking is really worth the effort, isn’t it?
Last picture, my new little nephew. He is Da Bomb. The hat is apropos because my brother does marketing for the oldest dairy farm in Utah. Udderly adorable (that one is for my dad).
Hat Update: You can get this precious hat right here. Thanks, Miles’ mommy, for the info!




  1. Kerrie @ TFK says:

    I need your nephew's hat. If I can't have the hat, I'll take your rug.

  2. Kerrie, maybe if my brother pipes into the comments he can let us know where he thinks the hat came from (the rug is TJ MAXX — the best!).

  3. Ecce Quam Bonam says:

    I'm so glad your stew was a hit!

    You will be happy to know that not all crockpot stews require the meat to be dredged and browned before being dumped in and piled onto. Just wait until you try a crockpot mac and cheese! The boys will start looking into the process of getting you canonized.

  4. greg's wife says:

    Okay, the hat is a must! My husband just left his beloved dairy vet. work for small animal medicine to be more present to the family. But he luvs him a good udder. Seriously, I need to know where the hat came from!

  5. Please share a crockpot mac and cheese recipe!

    Gonna have to try the beef stew recipe. My husband keeps asking and telling me he loves his mother's recipe. (But, I'm not in competition, I already make better cinnamon rolls he says!)

  6. Sister Mary Martha says:

    He is terrifically cute. But what is that thing on his head?

  7. For my mom, who loves to cook – even at her 86 years of age – her greatest enjoyment is watching others enjoy her food. It just makes her day. I guess that is where we get our reward for all the hard work: making others happy!

  8. hello all, mom of boy-in-hat here. the cow hat was a gift from my husband's boss (the CEO of the dairy) but i'm 99% sure he got it at baby GAP! rach, so proud of Isa! she's amazing.

  9. just checked, cow hat is available at baby GAP for a measly $7.99!

  10. Love Miles, Josh and Carolyn! Love this pic!