More Footage!

2040 2040_ () 2040 2040 Let’s just start by saying: it’s going to take me a few days to get back to normal. Things in my home are mostly in order, and it’s nice and quiet (too quiet, and I’m always shocked by that reality). But still: Christmas break! It just takes it out of you. So videos it is!

Also, the truth is I find these videos hilarious. I realize chances are really, really good that you don’t share my glee but my sister is getting a huge kick out of these, so I will post a few more for her.

If homemade videos of random children are not your thing, check back tomorrow when I will ponder C.S. Lewis’ greatest works or maybe just talk about steel-cut oatmeal and how I made some. Yum!




  1. I laughed VERY loudly out loud at the swim-and-sing video. Needed that belly laugh!

  2. My "Mommy Grace" book group (organized by our parish deacon's fabulous wife, Kathy, mother of 7 — 5 boys, 2 girls) will discuss your book tomorrow. In preparation, I decided to look up your blog — I was curious to see if baby #6 changed the all-boy household. I'm delighted to see that your family now includes a beautiful baby girl! I'm expecting baby #7 in early July (3 boys, 3 girls — but girl #3 lives with our Heavenly Father). Boys #2 and #3 (ages 5 and 2) have been such destructive little tornadoes (cute and sweet though, too) that the entire family is hoping the new baby is a girl!

    Thanks for writing a fun and meaningful book. I look forward to your blog now that I've discovered it!

  3. Walton Guthrie says:


  4. Two questions:

    1. What video program are you using with this.

    2. Are they paying you for posting videos because it's totally making me want to go out and buy one?