Quick Takes: Really Quick

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1. Right now Henry is doing this:
2. Which frees me up to do this:

That’s me hard at work on a very important post for Faith and Family Live! about how my hair is finally growing back in after it all fell out post-Isabel’s birth. Hooray! Changing the world, one hair follicle at a time.

3. I’d also like to discuss this:

This is what I brought to our potluck earlier this week.
Oh how I love me some tuna-macaroni-with-onions-and-pea salad.
Oh how very few others feel the same.

At some point in the evening I went back for seconds and there was a TON of my dish left. Many of the other dishes were picked clean. So I took an informal poll that went something like this:

Me, sniff, sniff: Why doesn’t anyone like my fooooodddd?

My friend: It’s the peas.

Me: Really?

Him: Also? It needs meat.

The good news, after I got out of my brief therapy session, is that I noticed two other dishes that were similar in texture and type (pasta, no meat) and those were also still teeming with extras. So it isn’t just me. Right?

4. Having said that, I have decided to stick with what I know. As in, maybe no more cooking shows, but perhaps some handy tips on organization? My friend Mollie told me the other day, “Unorganized people NEVER get tired of hearing how to organize.” She said people who struggle in that area are generally open to all the help they can get. Do you agree?

5. I think the death of my (very short-lived) cooking show is good, because I don’t want Fr. Leo feeling the heat. My friend Fr. Tim (a classmate of Fr. Leo’s) was worried I might get sued for some kind of infringement.

6. And that’s going to be it for today. Isabel is up from her nap and we gotta hit The Wal-Mart. Need to get a few large-sized offerings of peanut butter and also more knee-patches and sadly this is the only place in town that can offer both in one handy-ish stop.

7. Peace and Love! And go tell Jen I said hello!

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  1. knee patches? They may such a thing? please share as I have about 4 pairs of boys pajama pants and at least 3 pairs of jeans that need knee patches. Thanks!

  2. Organizing tips would be the bomb! Please please please educate us in that area! And if you can throw in some decorating tips (cause your casa looks very bonita) that would be awesome! PS: I love tuna and peas and macaroni salad!!!

  3. Allison Kennedy says:

    Hi, Rach–great post. As an unorganized person (tho it's all on a scale,right?!), I'm one of those who DOES get tired of people telling me how to organize. For instance, I have pretty much come to grips with the fact I'm unorganized. Some things just gotta give, ya know?

  4. Would totally love me some organizational tips.
    And FTR, I heart the tuna salad.

  5. I would love organizational tips! I "organized" a craft room this summer, and ended up locking the door in December because I was so frustrated with the constant chaos in there. I haven't had the mental energy to tackle it yet, so the door remains closed.

  6. Organizing tips would be lovely. But mostly because I just like to read anything you write. And I'm not saying that just to be nice.

  7. FWIW, I love tuna macaroni salad, and I always put baby peas in mine.

  8. We need that recipe for your tuna salad please. I love that stuff. I'd have eaten it all.

  9. Elizabeth M says:

    I love tuna macaroni salad, but I'd leave out the onions! I know, I'm strange that way, but I just don't do raw onions, especially in macaroni salad. Peas would be fine, although I normally do small dice celery and carrots.

    That said — it sounds like it just wasn't the crown for pasta salads!

    I'm always up for some organizing tips. Who knows, I might just once find some that work for me and my husband would be ever grateful to you!

    I know what you mean about Walmart. Sometimes you look at the list and realize that it's the only place to get it all in one stop: dog and frog food, bread, detergent, bread, milk, cold medicine — Yup, that's a Walmart stop.

  10. the good life mama says:

    Okay, I just have to say that I LOVE tuna macaroni salad. I;m getting hungry just thinking about it. Requested it as my birthday meal one year. I would have been thrilled to see it at a pot luck.

  11. bubblefeet says:

    Henry is so cute! And I also love tuna macaroni salad! If I was there I probably would have eaten most of it.

  12. I for one could use some excellent organization tips- not my strong point. I have two little ones right, and I'd truly like to start building good habits now.

    Suggestions for calenders, personal files, laundry, 'junk drawers', etc would be much appreciated!

    a little mommy in PA

  13. Fr. Thomas, O.P. says:

    Feel free to send any of that macaroni salad down the road to Providence College, care of me. The other friars and I will be happy to take care of it.

  14. Mollie Samaha says:

    The only thing I don't love about this post is that I sound unorganized. Can we call it "Less than Rachel organized"? A bit lengthy… And, by the way, when are you coming over to organize??