On the Subject of Food

2083 2083_ () 2083 2083 Reader Teresa asked if I’d share my chili recipe. Since I’m making it for dinner tonight, it’s fresh on my brain so here goes.

Rachel’s Chili
Sauté one onion in olive oil. Add one pound of ground beef, brown and add salt, pepper and chili powder.
Put in crockpot (or in large pot) and add two or three cans of chili hot beans (I always use Bush’s beans), two cans of stewed tomatoes, and enough water to add the consistency you like. I just eyeball this and sometimes forget to add any at all.
We are having Paul’s dad over for dinner tonight. He called yesterday to see what night would be good for him to come over this week (I love that about him! This makes it so easy to just get a date on the calendar). Tonight worked best.
When I told Paul his dad was coming over and that I already had chili lined up for tonight’s meal, he said that sounded good but he seemed to remember that his dad wasn’t crazy about chili. So I called Buelo (as we call him) and asked if chili was on his “No Fly” foods.
“I’ll eat it,” he said, “but it’s not one of those foods I go looking for.”
But he insisted I not change up the menu.
Of course I instantly decided to change up the menu. Why serve my guest food that he’s not wild about? Except, this was what I have here to cook. Tomorrow is my grocery shopping day and as you know when grocery shopping day is tomorrow, today’s pickings tend to be slim.
Ordinarily I would just pop into the store to grab what I need for this particular meal (the one I was determined to come up with as a substitute), but ordinarily I’m not also getting ready for one boy’s play and another boy’s big project and two other boys science projects — and all the errands that go along with those kinds of things.
So chili it is!
I finally told Paul this morning, after I had fretted a bit about how I would actually get into the grocery store to get whatever Plan B was going to turn out to be, that I think his dad will like my chili because it’s actually more of a stew. It doesn’t have the thicker tomato base that a lot of chili has so this might be something the he will LOVE! In fact, maybe he’ll even start to request this very chili at every birthday from here on out.
But I’m getting ahead of myself.
Unrelated, except that it’s dealing with food: do you ever dine alone? As in: do you go to a restaurant and eat by yourself?
Can I admit that this is one of my favorite things to do? Of course being with others is fun and ideal, but I have no problem sitting down for a meal alone. These days, I generally have Isabel with me so I’m not technically alone, but either way I really don’t mind getting a Table For One. It’s like being at the library, only with beverages!
Reasons I like dining alone:
1. When I’m at home, I never sit down for lunch. I always find some other task to do as I munch on a sandwich.
2. I can sit, have things brought to me, and think.
3. Thinking. It deserves two spots on this list.
4. I love writing ideas, lists, notes to myself about things to do and buy and contemplate.
5. Hot food. Always better than a sandwich.
1. Are there any?

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  1. Anonymous says

    Cons: that you are alone. But in your case, I can see how being alone for some time is a good thing and a much appreciated commodity. Happy eating! And thanks for sharing the chili recipe.

  2. Anonymous says

    in our house, when it's boys night to cook (i'm busy, or Dad is just in the mood), it's chili night. They go together to buy the ingredients, and cook it together. THey don't always love having this responsibility, but at least we know there will be one thing they're able to prepare when they leave home!

  3. Teresa and Shawn says

    Thank you! It's actually in the crockpot now and smells deee-!licious. I had pre-bought some ingredients that I thought might be in it and luckily had the rest. 🙂

  4. Dining alone — with a good book, it is fabulous. I never used to do it, but now I do sometimes. Like last night, when I set a pot of stew on the stove and headed out the door as soon as hubby walked in . . . it was one of "those" days! I relished my alone time!

  5. I agree with Sarah! Alone, with a good book. Fab!!