Phone Allergy Cured

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Tonight on the way home from a shower for a friend, I dropped my cellphone in a cup of water, the one I had placed in the drink holder where, unfortunately, I tend to keep my phone.
A few minutes after I got home my sister called me.
“Hey, what’s up.”
“What’s wrong?”
“I’m tired, I just got in.”
“No, what’s wrong with your phone? You sound like you’re under water.”
So I hung up and she called me back on another line. After I got off the phone with her, I was telling one of the boys about how something is currently wrong with my phone as it can make people sound like they’re under water.
“That is so awesome,” said Charlie and for the first time ever, he asked if he could use my phone to make a call.
Then he proceeded to dial our home number, where he called himself to see how he sounded.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    turn it off and put it in rice!

  2. Be patient & let it sit & dry. May take a few days or a week but it'll dry out. A 'coating' is put over the insides of a cell to protect it — so it just needs to be left alone to dry.
    Good luck!
    (unless, of course, you want a new one). Then, let it'll work & you can sell it on ebay as is.

  3. Holly Rutchik says:

    Yes! Power it down, take it apart (the battery) and put it all in RICE now! Before it short circuts itself and you have to buy a new one.
    That being said, that is a really funny story!

  4. Thanks everyone! It is headed for a rice bed right now.

    (Sadly, we have been down this path before…)

  5. Michelle says:

    Dang, I did that once with my phone too. And the rice did work. It did not work for my son's phone that was in the "soak" cycle of the washing machine for 20 minutes ….

  6. I've had phones (courtesy of small children and or myself) go swimming in the washer, the tub, the pond… unfortunately, I have never had the rice trick work. Or oatmeal. I tried that once when I was out of rice! Good luck!