Quick Takes, Real Life Edition

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1. Charlie’s class has been studying all about our great nation. Today was the culmination of this unit: State Day. Students turned in a report on a particular state and today everyone came dressed up as a person from that state. There was also a special lunch and each student brought a food from their chosen state.
Charlie chose Massachusetts. He dressed up as this guy:
who looks a lot like this guy:

And he brought Dunkin’ Donuts (because Boston Runs On Dunkin’, which we discovered while visiting Beantown this summer).

2. I made that outfit.
I don’t want to brag, but I’m really proud of myself. I tend to do not-so-hot in the costume department but this time we got an idea and it all came together. And it required nary a stitch from my sewing machine.
Step to Create Lucky’s Outfit:
a) get blue vest from Goodwill
b) buy large, adult-sized vest from Party City
c) take apart adult-sized vest
d) using Stitch-wich, iron shiny fabric onto existing youth vest, then trim
e) create wrap for hat (purchased at Party City)
f) get a corn cob pipe from CVS
g) pick through excessively-large basketball collection
h) grab a walking stick from excessively-large collection on the way out the door
3. My sister and I were on the phone today and she said she could write a book just from the stuff I was saying to the boys while we chatted, including:
a) Do NOT put that in your ear
b) Go get the b-b’s so you can get started
c) Come back. COME BACK.
and so on and so forth.
Don’t be fooled. My life is very glamorous. I shouted those things while perched upon my bed, as I ate bon-bons and filed my nails.
4. Just now I flew up from my writing post to scoop out Isabel’s mouth. Her cheek looked so round I was convinced she was stowing a bouncy-ball in there. Nope, just more loveable cheeky goodness.
5. Exhibit A:
6. This picture is us at the grocery store picking up a THIRD round of meds for my sweet girl. Say a little prayer? She has an ear infection that she just can’t quit. We went in for a recheck today, to ensure she was healed. She was not.

7. That’s all folks. Go say hi to the darling Betty Beguiles, who is hosting Quick Takes this week.

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  1. Sorry about the ear infection. Have any of your others ever had tubes put in? I had never experienced that with any of my 5 until my youngest. He had chronic ear infections and a host of other upper respiratory stuff. Finally got tubes and nary a problem since. If they suggest it, I highly recommend it.

  2. Amy Parris says:

    Forgot to tell you this morning how very impressed I was by Charlie's costume. I thought it was pretty cool but when he told me you made it I was blown away…and, ahem, a little jealous of your mad sewing skills. Thanks for sharing the tips!

  3. bubblefeet says:

    The costume is awesome!!! And I'm sorry about Isa's ear infection! I hope she gets better soon!!

  4. Just went through the ear infection thing with our 5th. I discovered Waiora- and between it and the probiotics and eliminating dairy. . . we finally kicked the infection. If you're curious, I have some notes on our blog: http://www.homeandbody.blogspot.com

  5. Michelle says:

    I agree with #3 – As a matter of fact, I think your life-with-boys would make a great pro-family/pro-life sit com. You should seriously consider putting together a script for a show Rachel. :0)

  6. Boston does run on Dunkin! We have them on every corner. What a cute representation of my state – thanks!

    I hope your baby girl's ear is better. That happened to one of our kids (where it wouldn't go away) and he ended up getting tubes. Then two more of my kids got tubes. I am a big fan…no more earaches and no more antibiotics!!