Quick Takes, Visual Edition

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1. Science Fair! Ethan and Elliott tied for second place. We are so proud of their hard work. They had a not-too-complicated endeavor that was just good, solid scientific method. Also: mad poster skillz. It was fun watching them work together. Good work boys!

2. We headed out for a walk the other morning and Isabel somehow snagged her dolly as we passed by her dresser. She carried the baby like this our entire walk.

I continue to be blown away and moved (somedays to tears) buy these sweet little moments. I am very much enjoying the differences between boys and girls. (Though I have to admit the next day she grabbed one of Henry’s trains and was equally attached.)
3. Having said that, boys are crazy awesome. On a recent rainy afternoon, with the television tucked away for Lent, the boys decided to host a poker tournament — for themselves. They got dressed up in coat and tie and gathered around the coffee table for some fun. At first they made me promise this would not show up in my writing, “not the Southern Cross or your blog, mom.” But then they relented and actually asked me if I was going to say anything.

4. After the tourney ended, two of the boys spent the rest of the afternoon walking around in ties. I love this because it totally reminds me of Paul. When we first got married I started to wonder if he was going to sleep in his tie (“only for very formal sleeps.”)
Wearing a tie just doesn’t bother him, which is good since he practically lives in a suit.
5. Re: #4 — name that movie, which is perhaps my All Time Favorite.
Here’s a hint:
6. What is that phenomenon where the day before you go for your once-every-eight-months hair cut, you have a good hair day? This happens to me every. single. time. I spend a few weeks having to wear my hair pulled back and then, voila! Volume and sheen and everything nice.
these are not my van-wearing shades

There needs to be an official name for this good-hair-before-the-trim. I think I’m going to call it Murphy Brown’s Law.

7. Over at Faith and Family Live! I’m talking about the 40 Bags for 40 Days challenge. I did this last year, so good in fact that I don’t know if I could come up with 40 bags this year. Let me know if you’re up to the challenge. I’d love to hear about it!
Peace out and Happy Friday. Go say hi to Jen!




  1. thegypsymama says

    Oh LOVE those dressed up, card playing boys. LOVE it!

  2. We had a daughter after 4 boys (she's now 2). Recently I found her dress-up purse and noticed its contents: a toy train engine, a matchbox car, and a nerf dart. I enjoy hearing about your delight over Isabel too! What an unexpected gift to have a precious baby girl after ALL those boys?! Who could have dreamed it would be so great???

  3. Mrs. Henderson says

    Great job on the Science Fair, E and E! It looks awesome!

    Rach, I am going to try for the 40 bags challenge again, too! I might have to fill brown lunch bags (or maybe ziplock snack bags!) some days, but I really want to stay faithful to it this year. My lent is all about SIMPLIFYING!

    Love you!

  4. Jen Ambrose says

    Very cool science project idea if I do say so myself. Depending on the type of magnet material they used, they would have gotten different results.

  5. LOVE the boys in their ties playing poker. I'm so glad they relented and let you post it, because I got a good laugh at the picture and the image in my head of them continuing to wear the ties. I wonder if one of them would be willing to wait for my 3 year old daughter to grow up (many, many years of course…). I have a feeling all of your boys are going to be great husbands some day!

  6. I am doing the 40 bag challenge also. We have already planned our first-ever-because-we-hate-to-get-it-together garage sale. I have sworn to getting at least 40 bags ready. I am having a challenge of stopping at just one bag each day. I attacked one boys' room yesterday and had to stop because I had more than two bags. Back in there again today, I got two more. Maybe that is not fair as he has switched sizes this winter, but they are full bags nonetheless. Good luck to you.

  7. Barefoot in the Park!!!

  8. I'm so excited that someone guessed Barefoot in the Park. I actually first came across this gem on Showtime I think, but it wasn't the movie. It was a live play starring John Boy from the Waltons and he was WONDERFUL. He was so good that when I finally saw the movie, I was a little disappointed by Robert Redford. Who can make that happen, I ask you??? OOOhhh I love that play/movie. Thanks for reminding me!

  9. priest's wife says

    …joining you for 40 bags in 40 days! Thanks for the inspiration

  10. Re: #1 – and they have an awesome aunt that is an awesome science teacher!! :0)

  11. The picture of your daughter is so adorable- my daughter is 2 months older and carries her little doll in the same way.. too cute! Greetings from Germany, Nicole.

  12. Could that be baby Huggums? My two year old loves her Huggums. Love reading your blog as we have four boys and now a girl. They really are different.

  13. I found the 40 Bags for 40 days last year, when I found it by Christmas. Ok, it wasn't 40 days, but we had so much STUFF after being in this house for 11 years and lots of hidey holes for stuff. It felt AWESOME to have 23 kitchen-sized garbage bags full of gently used, never used, will never be missed items to St. Vincent de Paul store, and that was just one trip with the seats down in the Jeep. That doesn't count the bags of stuff that I could throw away because it was broken, missing parts, or just not good enough to donate. I think we ended up with over 50 bags that we got rid. It's amazing how freeing that is and where does it all come from?????