Prayers Please

2306 2306_ () 2306 2306 We are at the hospital with Isabel. We’ve been in the emergency room all day and have been admitted to spend the night. Isabel woke up this morning with her eye swollen shut, no sign of a bug bite. She doesn’t seem to be agitated by the eye, but we are now doing iv meds overnight with the hopes of avoiding a CT scan in the morning.

Please pray for us.

Thank you. 2306″



  1. Of course! Many wishes for a speedy recovery!

  2. Sending prayers your way!!

  3. Yes, let’s pray altogether. Our sparks of prayers may turn into flame of prayer. God wants us to depend primarily on Him.

  4. Oh my, mothers have such worries! Our prayers are offered tonight for your sweet little girl.

  5. Am praying … please keep us posted

  6. Praying! St. Raphael, intercede for Isabel that she may be healed and her parents comforted.

  7. Prayers on the way!

  8. Lifting sweet Isabel, and her parents up in prayer.

  9. KatieButler says

    Prayers being said, for sweet Isabel and your family.

  10. Rachel, Prayers for darling little Isabel and for all your family.

  11. God bless Isabel and your family. praying for her and you all tonight!

  12. Prayers!

  13. I’ll definitely pray for Isabel and for all of you!

  14. Prayers for Isabel and all of your family, and for those who shall care for her in the hospital. May God’s grace sustain you and God’s wisdom be upon her doctors and nurses!

  15. Sending lots of prayers for you… I hope you can a little sleep tonight.

  16. Prayers for your wee one. Very scary, I’m sure!

  17. Rachel, we’ll be praying.

  18. Praying graces from the Feast of the Visitaion covering you all tonite!

  19. Prayers your way! So scary for you all!

  20. Lots of prayers!

  21. Prayers for all of you.

  22. Praying for you and Isabel.

  23. Oh, poor Isabel! I will be praying for her and for you.

  24. St. Raphael, pray for Isabel & her parents.
    St. Lucia, pray for Isabel & her parents.
    Blessed Pope John Paul II, pray for Isabel & her parents.

    “Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus…”

  25. Prayers for all of you.

  26. PRAYING!!!!!

  27. Of course!

  28. Praying for you and your sweet baby girl…

    My biggest lesson learned this year (through a blessed friend) is not only to ask for God’s help, but to trust him enough to actually answer your prayer… which means turning all of your worry and anxiety over to Him… because He will take care of you!

    Praying for Isabel’s quick and complete recovery and for strength, courage and patience for you and your family.

    God bless you!

  29. Thinking of your family this morning and praying it was a quiet, safe night.

  30. St. Lucy is on it!

  31. Many prayers! We will offer our mass for you guys this morning.

  32. Prayers! 🙁

  33. Prayers going up right now.

  34. Hazel Edmunds says

    Scott asked his FB friends to pray for you – and then said I should let you know on here that I am doing so. My kids are now all grown but I remember the worries about illness and injury when they were young.

  35. Praying the morning brought good news with it.

  36. Prayers for you and your dear little one.

  37. Kathleen says

    prayers coming. Please update when you can!

  38. Praying!

  39. Prayers for you all!

  40. I have been praying. I hope all is well. <3

  41. The exact same thing happened to my friend’s daughter not a month ago. Their pediatrician said it was actually pretty common and gave them some antibiotics and sent them home. Her eye was back to normal after a week on the antibiotics. I pray the solution is that simple for ya’ll and I’m sorry you had to go through such a scare.

  42. Praying for health, speedy recovery and peace for you all.