I’m Stalking Myself

2386 2386_ () 2386 2386 I haven’t been posting, but I’ve been checking in here and there. You know, to see if I’ve posted anything.

Sadly, I have not.

But then, lo and behold I posted that funny video which, it turns out, has been seen by millions. Including my husband, who barely has time to finagle Facebook. “We’ve seen that already,” he said, when I asked if he’d seen the hysterical thing I posted on my blog.

Oh well. I don’t think I’ve seen it. I’m the Only Member in the Members Only club.

To push through the Writers Block, I have decided to give a Top Ten of what I’ve been up to. If I run out of items before I reach Ten, I will make up interesting lies. (No. I don’t lie here.) (Or anywhere else.)

My Life Lately, in Ten

1. Henry had his tonsils and adenoids removed last week. That has been tough. When the doctor solemnly told me this had a two-week recovery time, I kind of laughed and mentioned the whole Spica Experience. I told him if we survived seven weeks in a full-body cast, then two weeks post-surgery would be a piece of cake.

The problem is it is not a piece of cake. It’s not even a petit four.

This has been one of the toughest mothering experiences thus far (right up there with potty training) and it ain’t for wimps. I hope to give you a positive recap next week, after the two weeks are up. Right now, Henry is on the mend, but still not mended.

2. Swim Team, and that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

3. I’m currently on book No. 4 of the Mitford Series and yes, I’m in love. I’m totally picturing Dooley as a cross between Ethan and Elliott and I have found myself crying (crying, I tell you) at certain key moments in this tale. It’s ridiculous. It’s sublime. It’s a large part of why I don’t have time to write. I’m too busy reading.

4. Cooking! Yes, cooking. I’ve been buying food and preparing it (ahem) in my kitchen. This includes produce that we picked ourselves along with dutifully following my E-Mealz meal plan.

5. We went blueberry picking. My friend Yvonne has a gigantic blueberry patch on her farm and we picked so many that I (and my indentured servants-slash-sons) got three gallons worth. Most of that I have been eating raw, but I do have plans to make scones. Before I eat the rest raw.

6. Isabel is walking! It’s amazing to see. She decided to walk late, like Henry. All the other boys walked just before they turned one. The Littles (as we like to call Henry and Isabel) have both walked late, as you might expect of babies with big brothers. Who needs to walk when you can get carried wherever the party is?

7. Lunch Out. I had lunch with my dad last week and it was a delight. And before that, lunch with friends who dragged me out to celebrate my birthday, which was a few weeks before. My friends gave me the sweetest cards that made me cry and mostly made me so grateful for all the goodness in my life.

8. Hanging at the pool. One of the best parts of my summer is that I get to hang at the pool a ton. One of the best parts of that is hanging with my sister-in-law, who really is like a sister to me. Our boys are the best of friends and I love just pulling my stuff up next to her and chilling out.

9. Along with No. 8, I’m just so grateful for all my In-Laws. In my family alone, my siblings have brought into our life some really amazing people whom I’m proud to call brother or sister (my sister’s husband, for example, is one of my very favorite people. That dude ROCKS.). Family vacation brought that into focus for me, just feeling so deeply grateful for all these people in my life. And on Paul’s side, too. Family is awesome that way.

10. And see? Now I’m feeling overwhelmed by all the goodness in my life. I don’t want to brag (that’s obnoxious). But honestly, I started out trying to explain where I’ve been, and here I am going away feeling so blessed and loved. Maybe, if you’ve been feeling like I have (a little tired and run-down?) you can try and list what’s been keeping you so busy. Maybe you’ll discover it’s really just a whole lotta good! 2386″> ,



  1. That’s what summer’s for: just pulling your stuff up next to someone and chillin’ out. {I love that line.} The kids are good, you’re good, it’s ALL good! The posts will come when they do…I certainly loved this one!

  2. If taking requests helps your writers block, I’d love to hear how you wrangle so many boys during Mass, especially back when they were toddlers. I’ve only got one, but I never make it through Mass without ending up sweaty, disheveled, and possibly bruised.

  3. I want to her more about the “Spica” adventure… where can I find this? 🙂

  4. Oops- I meant to write *Hear, not her.

  5. I was just thinking that it’s time for my yearly trip to Mitford. I love that place.

  6. scotch meg says:

    When you get done with Mitford, try Katherine Valentine. And then, for a change of pace, try Elizabeth Peters’ Amelia Peabody books. All delightful summer reading. Valentine is a Catholic sort-of-like-Mitford writer; her books are not wannabe-Mitford books – they just have a similar “feel”. Peters is a pseudonym for a woman with a Ph.D. in archeology; her mystery books set in Egypt have a happily married protagonist (!) and her writing has an amusing tone.

    Summer reading!

    • Thanks for these tips, SM. I will definitely check those books out.

    • “Crocodile on the Sandbank” is the first Amelia Peabody adventure, set in 1884 in England and Egypt. Amelia, a spinster at twenty-something, travels on her own to Egypt to pursue her interest in archaeology. She, in later books, has a quite precocious son whose antics you would appreciate. The series continues through World War I.

  7. Rachel

    If you were taking requests you said some time ago you would write about your Community – would love to hear about that

  8. Last February we had our third sinus surgery for our oldest son. He is already starting to have problems again. I don’t understand how my c-sections have been a piece of cake and his surgeries seem much less invasive, but are more troublesome afterwards. Prayers to you guys.

    I “forgot” to sign my boys up for swim team this year. Best decision I’ve made in a while.

  9. Michelle says:

    I just have swim team and that has just about done me in! Whew!