Rollin’ With Mah Homies


  1. I’d have totally sent this if I didn’t know you hadn’t seen this– it’s a fave around here.

  2. And is it TOTALLY insane that I find these guys (well, their characters… who knows what the actors are like, I guess) hotter than so many of the Hollywood guys who jump from wife to wife and have kids with 6 women?

  3. I hadnt seen this! HILARIOUS! I will be sharing with my hubby when he gets up.

  4. I am very out of the loop. I had not seen this before. And my husband loves gas station glasses so this had me in tears!! Thanks.

  5. Wahoo! Grill master Dad is sporting a UK visor! Go Cats!

  6. My middle daughter is *still* singing this. đŸ™‚


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