I Gave Birth to My Nana

Aunt Jojo watched Isa this morning while I took Charlie to what I hoped would be his last burn check (but sadly was not).


  1. hilarious!!!

    and I love hearing Jojo’s laugh.

    so funny.

  2. That’s great! Just the chuckle I needed this afternoon. Oh my golly she’s precious!

  3. Hi Rachel, that is really funny. It’s great we can capture these moments and share them. When you are wondering whether you are doing and saying the right things it may be helpful to consider that’s you have a father of 5 (one girl!) with similar aged children 4000 miles away in Scotland who follows your blogs and really feels the word ‘catholic’ comes alive in all it’s fullness in reading them. Please keep doing what you’re doing the way you’re doing it. I can relate positively and pleasantly to everything you talk about (though the fashion items are pushing it a bit!)