Arms Full of Love

2889 2889_ () 2889 2889 This is how our girl wakes up each morning, holding on to as many of her little friends as her sweet arms can manage. Then I have to pry them away so she can have her breakfast, and then it’s right back to wandering around the house with all these little creatures tucked in.




  1. awww! She is absolutely adorable.

    Our two year old carries as many blankets as she can and then I have to pry them away for breakfast as well 🙂

  2. Lady! I hung out with her, JoJo, Jordan, and Henry at the football game two weekends ago, and she kept handing me Lady to hold. Such a sweet and precious child!

  3. Oh, this warms my heart. My six-year-old boy continues to wake up like this. I know the day is coming too soon when he won’t have his arms full of friends, but until then we will welcome them all.

  4. precious!!!!

  5. Too cute. She reminds me a lot of my daughter. Here she is with her “Breakfast Buddy”

  6. Do I spy Maisie from Ikea? That was one of Mary Kate’s fav’s too. Our new pup liked her even more 🙁 Thanks for the reminder that an Ikea trip could be useful to us! Love this pic. Beautiful, beautiful girl!

  7. That’s lovely. The night before last, I threatened to take my 4 year-old son’s cuddly toys away from his bed if he didn’t go to sleep (the excitement of sharing a room with your brother is sometimes too much). You would have thought I was going to take his legs off!!
    Congratulations on your frequency of posts lately Rachel!

  8. Now that. is just. precious. 🙂

  9. My 21mo old is doing the same. So sweet.