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Five things you can’t do if your finger gets chopped off because you stuck it in the front wheel of the running stroller while momma was trying to take an afternoon walk,

A List

by Henry

1. You can’t point
2. You can’t poke
3. You can’t open doors
4. You can’t pick your nose
5. You can’t shoot a bb gun and point it at a squirrel and kill the squirrel dead.

And hey, speaking of dead squirrels, it was on this same walk that I stepped on a dead squirrel.

Yes, I also just threw up in my mouth a little.

I was distracted by the sight of my friend Rose coming toward me and I was busy waving and getting ready to say hey and I felt a squish under my feet.

“What was that,” I asked her not wanting to look, not wanting to know.

“Yeah,” she admitted, “that was a squirrel.”

And then I lifted my foot and asked her if there was anything on the bottom of my running shoe.

She said no. What a good friend. 2844″ ? ,



  1. As I’m a guy I can say ‘what a lovely post’ as it invites me to share with everyone that we mainly have dogs, dogs and more dogs where we are (though not ours) and it tends not be dead dogs we stand on but what these dogs would like to share with us. And, as I’m dad, I get to remove the dogs’ gifts to us from unsuspecting little shoes.
    On my phone I have a daily reminder of ‘Garden Inspection’, which had sometimes been turned into a bonding adventure with my toddlers. There is great excitement when a present from a fox is found and it is removed with a plastic bag. That cuts out the shoes. I take it God has angels to assume this role in Paradise.