Quick Takes, Real Quick Edition

2828 2828_ () 2828 2828 1. My mom and I are throwing a shower for a friend on Sunday. The shower is here which means I have been obsessing having a healthy balanced approach to thinking about having people here. I’ve been trying to pace myself because I realize that even if I have scrubbed the house thoroughly I’ll still have everything to do come Saturday evening. So I might as well put things off right?

Except I can’t because then the deluge will overtake me. So I’ve been cleaning and tidying and organizing all with the understanding that I’ll be doing it all again come this weekend.

It’s so true that a task expands to fill the space we have. Like when Elliott took three days to pack for his camping trip and Charlie was able to swoop in and be ready in 15 minutes. Though that kinda fits their personalities as it is.

So shower on Sunday, and hopefully I will still have my wits about me when the guests begin to arrive.

2. In the Happy Happy Joy Joy department, some throw pillows I had been eyeing at Target were marked down today. As in, marked down from the original $40 to $7.49. Don’t you love that?

3. Today I’m over at Dinker and Giggles: Raising Tomorrow’s Gentlemen Today, talking about the one thing I’ve learned as a mom of boys that every parent must know.

4. I bought Peppermint Mocha half and half today. That makes me super-duper happy.

5. Having said that, I’m totally overwhelmed (once again) by the onslaught of Christmas decorations in the stores. As I’ve been running a bunch of errands lately (see Item No. 1), and in and out of a bunch of shoppes, it’s just too much. In the words of Aragorn, Christmas is upon us, whether we would have it or not.

6. Here’s my new Christmas slogan: Keep Christ in Christmas and keep Christmas in December.

7. Can somebody get me a t-shirt with that on it please?

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  1. Rachel, this is maybe my favorite Quick Takes EVAH! Like you spelled “shops” “shoppes”. No one does that in these parts unless they’re quoting Charles Dickens. 🙂 Also, I LOVE your Christmas slogan. I may just be really nerdy and make a button for my blog that says it. I promise to give you credit.

    Also, just a little encouragement – all the cleaning you’re doing now does matter because it’ll make things easier come Saturday night. I truly believe wiping up 2 days worth of crud on the bathroom sink is easier than wiping up 5 days worth. (Did that even help?)

  2. Amen, hallelujah, someone finally said it. I’m linking to your clever slogan, and laughing all the while. Our Walmart had Christmas trees up in SEPTEMBER.

  3. The shower will be lovely I’m sure. Allow yourself to remember that 8 people live in your house, and if that shows, that is as it should be. People want to feel welcome, and a lived-in house goes a long way towards achieving that.

    You know, usually all the Christmas rush bothers me. But this year it is not. I think it is because I am reminded of all the warm, fuzzy feelings the season brings. I see decorations and I get excited about putting ours up with the kids. They can’t wait. I think about how the season seems to slow our family down, even though we are still busy. So I am seeing reminders of all the good I love about the season. We’ll see if that lasts through the actual Christmas season.

  4. That peppermint mocha is OUT OF THIS WORLD good! The problem is I keep thinking about my next cup of coffee!

  5. I love this Quick takes. I too was bemoaning the Christmas Cheer pushing out the turkeys and other fall festivities. But I’m so excited that my little one finally is starting to understand the joy of Christmas and all that comes with it I’m bursting at the seams to start lighting Advent candles, baking St. Lucy Cinnamon rolls and talking about preparing for baby Jesus that it cannot come soon enough! I’m determined this year to just enjoy the season and not get caught up in the hustle and bustle..we will see if I can do it!!


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