Sweet Family Life

2836 2836_ () 2836 2836 Augie thinks this should also be titled “The Circle of Family Life.”

Maybe it will be the cover of my next book.

Just now I told Elliott that we needed to have a work party in his room.

Henry gasped.

“We’re gonna have a dance party in their room?!”

Um, no. But that sounds like fun too. 2836″> ,



  1. I love this!
    And your house is so clean!
    Fun AND clean – that’s my kind of day.

    • Thanks! The house was clean because I was hosting a bridal shower the next day. So I had been in TURBO mode all week really (using the shower as an excuse to make everybody toe the line!)

  2. How are your floors so clean? Its. so. not. fair. I have one less than you and could never post a photo like this. Someone would call the authorities!

  3. Jessica, every time she posts a photo, I comment on her floors. Glad to see someone else has noticed the same thing.

    Rachel – how do you pull off the “work party” angle?

    • Dorian,

      Maybe I should do a post on the concept of “work party” — will do that.

      As for the floors, they aren’t always that clean of course! Did you see the pic the other day with Isabel drinking the big drink — there were several froot loops on the floor. 😉

      All I can say about this is please note how I never post pictures of the bathrooms. See? We all have our things…

  4. I just LOVE how there is this dainty little “pink” girl in the midst of all of the wrestling!