Winning Seasons

2880 2880_ () 2880 2880 I found this list in my little To Go journal, the one I carry around with me to jot down lists and thoughts and ideas for future writing.

This was from about a year ago:

You know it’s a tough season when you have to remind yourself to “trim nails” — be they yours or your children. Thanks goodness I didn’t also feel compelled to add “brush teeth.” Then I would have been in really bad shape.

I was reflecting, upon discovering this list, what a much better season we are in right now. It’s busy, but in a different way. Tiny babies are sweet and wonderful, but they certainly add an element of intensity to the home that (while sweet! and wonderful!) can make even the most basic household tasks seem epic (see: trim nails).

Having said all that, who knows what my To Do list will look like by this time next week. Because tonight were our first games of the basketball season and lo, it is upon. Tomorrow night? Four games. And before the end of the week, another three (or four?). It is exciting and a thrill.

But all I can say is it’s about to get all crazy up in da club, yo. 2880″> .



  1. I’m so glad you’ve posted (at least a few times recently) about how difficult life with a new baby is. We had our third child a couple months ago and it really is intense. I mean the smiles and cuddles are the best, don’t get me wrong, but it’s also nuts. I don’t remember the same intensity with the other two-maybe it’s because she’s the third, maybe because the other two are old enough to push my buttons, maybe other life factors… Anyways, it really helps me to remind myself that you also found this time very challenging. I’m not just losing it.

  2. This made me laugh and cringe. Laugh, because I remember being there (even though I only have two toddlers). Cringe, because when #3 arrives in April, I’m sure I’ll be back to this mental state again.

  3. 3 basketball players, a wrestler (who is also a basketball player) and a swimmer. And soccer is still going on for one more week. Good thing I like sports. Sigh.

  4. I am a non-sport playing mom and I can’t wait for basketball season to start! My daughter made the varsity team! I’m so excited. I’m going to the be the only mom crying in the stands at the tip of the first game. Lest I neglect my other children, the 9th grader skipped the freshman team and went straight to JV and our church is expanding basketball down to 2nd grade “instructional”! The 7 year old will get to play at church. He is super-excited!

  5. I have 2 teenagers and two tweens and still forgot to brush my teeth until 5pm today. Busy and husband is out of town. Mind fogged from the 5 week sinus infection.

  6. Rachel, I couldn’t happen but notice the contrast between this post and the latest one about Mass. Life is so crazy. But you are so real about sharing it all with us. Thanks for your honesty and your example !! :0)

  7. Jim Hurlbut says

    Rachel, loved your book and keeping up with the shenanigans around the house and all the joys and trials of raising a pack of boys and one sweet little girl. Here’s one for you that captures the utter fearlessness of boys. I was about 7 and playing outside where Mom could see me from the kitchen. She could also see the stairs going up to the second floor. She freaked when all of a sudden she saw me coming down the stairs when she knew I had not came inside. I had gotten the bright idea to climb to the second story patio by wedging my little feet and fingers in between the spaces between the bricks! Just one of the many tales she used to tell. Another time I had gone into an abandoned shed near our house and gotten a hanging bat off the ceiling and trapped it in a jar. She was none too pleased about that one!