Gee but it’s great to be back home


  1. A Christmas Story, of course! Welcome home.

  2. Clearly she’s doing her impersonation of Randy from A Christmas Story. “I can’t put my arms down!”

  3. Sending up prayers for your mom.

    And, honey, you’re a Southern girl. Big hair is a way of life. 😉

  4. Katherine Barron says:

    Did not know about your mom. We have been down that same road. Many prayers for you all (sisters and children and your dad).
    St. Peregrine, pray for us.

  5. Prayers for your Mom.

  6. What a week! I didn’t know The Gist tapes is Boston {Boston girl, here!}…so sorry you had to deal with our snow. It’s been such an easy winter otherwise!

    Blessings to you and your mom and dad and family for a quieter, calmer, healthy, beautiful week.

  7. If you have mentioned about your mom before I must have missed it. Will say a prayer for her. You speak so highly of her and your dad; what a blessing to have such loving, godly parents.

    Carrie T.

  8. Had no idea about your Mom – so glad you live close to her. We will keep her in our prayers for a full recovery.

  9. Rach,
    You almost brought me to tears! I love you girl.

  10. scotch meg says:

    Rachel, I am so glad your week (crazy) went well. I’m glad you got to see a little of the snow without any major delays or inconveniences. Too bad it was at the airport, where it doesn’t look so pretty.

    Prayers for your mom.

  11. Christmas Story “I can’t get up! Ralpheeeeeee!!!!!!!!!”
    Prayers going for you and your mom and family! What a week….!!!
    I love your blog!