“In lieu of gifts…

we ask that everyone make a donation to Isabel’s future therapy bills.”

I’m thinking that will go on her two-year-old birthday invitations.

Henry, upon seeing this doll: Who did that?

Me: Charlie.

Henry: Why?

Me: I’m not really sure.

Him: He was trying to make her look awesome?

And then Ethan, a minute later:

Him: Wow.

Me: I know. We need to get that off…

Ethan: before Isabel sees it? But you gotta admit it’s pretty beast.


  1. She’ll be fine….remember my favorite saint was Sebastian because he had the coolest pics in the book: a chest full of arrows. And I’m not talking about a cedar chest.

  2. Too funny! Baby Rambo!

  3. AgnesRegina says

    HAHA….. oh gosh…. Isabel would have had a heart attack. Hopefully it all came off. Though I agree… the baby does look pretty “beast”. 🙂

  4. as a mom of 3 boys, i find this hilarious. shared on facebook 🙂

  5. Poor Bitty Baby! As an all girl mommy I never imagined that a baby doll could find herself outfitted in electrical tape. I guess it’s a completely different game when you have boys.

  6. When I was a girl, I had a realistic-looking doll (a “La Baby”) whose head came off. Whether he was originally responsible for this, I’m not sure, but my brother sure did delight in the doll’s misfortune. No matter how many times I worked to get her head back on, it just kept coming off. My brother found all sorts of interesting things to do with it, of course.

    Several months ago, before our new baby was born, I rediscovered the doll and used it to show our 15-month-old son how to be “gentle” with the baby and “nice” to the baby. Of course, the head popped right off again. Did my son mind? Not at all. Whenever he spots it in my pile o’ junk, he picks up the head, pats it with a “nice, nice” and kisses it with a loud “mmm — ah!” I had to send a picture of this to my brother, of course.

  7. My brothers lynched my favorite doll, proper hangman’s noose and all. You’ll be happy to know no therapy was required – I spent most of my time up a tree or shooting bows and arrows with them anyhow :-).

  8. Oh, that is hysterical! All boys here so no dolls to torture…thankfully they’ve been nothing but sweet and adoring to the real new baby…here’s hoping that continues!!

  9. As the sister of 4 brothers, Isabel has my sympathies.

    Someone (and Mom has never said who) chopped the hair off most of my dolls. The only ones who escaped the mystery stylist were one Barbie doll and Mrs. Beasly.

    And, yes, I played lots of “army” with the guys. Actually two Japanese live-action shows were big at the time, “Ultra Man” and “Johnny Socko and His Flying Robot”. That’s what we played all the time.

  10. It rivals the time my little brother found all the Barbie parts, (assorted legs, heads, etc) and set them up under the Christmas tree in the new dinosaur’s mouths. It was hilarious but my toddler girls were mortified.

  11. All girl mom here, at least your sweet girl can carry on knowing that AG has a doll hospital, probably due to big brothers hurting our baby dolls lol…