Thank You, Father Vroon

We got together with the Family Balducci yesterday for our annual Epiphany party. We’ve done this for several years now, opting for an annual gathering that’s a little off-the-beaten path.

This year, my brother-in-law Thom brought some of his special homebrew, which he aptly named Balducci Brew. Thom made the beer and Anna designed the labels and that sweet couple even gave us a four-pack in a handy carrying case. So awesome!

I noticed there was something really special about this particular beer. It was delicious, for starters, but really it had an other-worldly charm about it.

Then Thom told us that his pastor had prayed a special blessing over the beer, The Blessing of the Brew (maybe it wasn’t called that, but something close) — and I think it did the trick. The beer, like the rest of the day, was bold and robust. And a lot of fun. Beer can be fun, right? Well this beer was.

Thanks Thom, and thanks Fr. Vroon. We loved the beer, and your blessing was a big part of that!

Thom’s a dentist AND homebrewer!


  1. Margaret Martin says

    Good beer is fun but family and good beer is a great time. It sounds like it was a super day. Glad to hear about it.

  2. When I called my boys home, they told me they were making fires at your house so they could signal you. Their story was that the boys were locked out of the house while you were at Pablo’s so they were making a signal fire. I asked, “Why don’t they just walk over there and get a key?” Stupid me. That would ruin the whole excuse for building a signal fire, after all!!

  3. Fun!

  4. Loved this post as it combines many of our favorite things, too: family, celebration, community, attention to detail, home brew, and all of it blesseed by your Papal representative. Awesome.