We call this “Shooting Star”


  1. W.T.H.??? This is too scary! What happened?

  2. Wow fun to watch more than once…did someone learn how to use some video tricks???

  3. My husband has been having fun ‘blowing up’ our dog.

  4. Looks like something my boys would love!

  5. Just a regular Sunday afternoon at the Balducci residence! ;0)

  6. OK – Does this mean I’ve been “punked”? It seriously looked real.

  7. Oh man, I jumped! Seriously…gonna need a link for that one. The Boy will love it!

  8. That was amazing! I had to watch it again.

  9. Absolutely hilarious!

  10. My brother was having fun with that app last weekend! So far my dad’s truck has blown up, a boulder fell on my parents’ house, and my brother’s dog narrowly escaped a car that fell from the sky.

  11. My boys have been doing that too and I drew the line at one of their heads being blown up!!