What a man, what a man

My husband deserves his own separate post, a public letter of gratitude for how wonderful he is.

I always get a little shy talking about Paul. I take the “she pondered these things in her heart” approach when it comes to this man I love so much. So don’t worry — this won’t be all drippy sweet. But I couldn’t skip over him in light of all the activities of last week, because I love him and he is worthy of my praise (um, I know. That’s actually a praise and worship song and now I’m getting carried away).

Ah shucks. I STINK at this.

Sorry baby. I just wanted to say thank you — thanks for your support and encouragement. For helping me push myself when I’m inclined to hunker down and just work on the laundry — which would be plenty! And noble and good. But you always help me think through what God is asking of me, and not just what is convenient for you. Because goodness knows it costs you something when I’m not here. And you manage it all beautifully.

Oh and thanks for the flowers. You are the best.


  1. I’m sure many people like myself would like to thank your husband for supporting you so you’re able to do the good for others that you do, even if it’s just a few fun posts. As for how good you are at thanking/praising him, I read your interview in the National Review (‘For the Woman with a House Full of boys’) and thought the line ‘I want my boys to turn out exactly like their dad’ was just wonderful. It would be a great aspiration for a father to have his wife compliment him like that. So welcome back Rachel, and thank you Paul.

  2. AgnesRegina says:

    Awwww. That is so sweet. God bless you both.

  3. toni freeman says:

    very sweet!!!!