Shoes to Fill

3120 3120_ () 3120 3120 Isabel knew from an early age that comfort should be top criteria when selecting cute shoes.

This post isn’t about filling shoes, or big shoes to fill, or even my super-cute ultra comfy Keen maryjane’s that I searched high and low for and then found (on Amazon!) and now love.

No, it’s about blogs and blogging and what makes people seek out certain blogs. All of these thoughts have been swirling in my brain, brought on by a post from Jen Fulwiler about the lack of “Catholic mom blogs” in a recent Top 100 List, and then further pondered by Betty Duffy over at The Anchoress on why we Catholic women don’t make good mommy bloggers.

Unfortunately, I don’t really have too much more to offer — for me Betty had my favorite take-away point which was this:

Most Catholic married women expect to be mothers, so there’s no need to fetishize their choices or even to identify with them overmuch. They are mothers, who by and large enjoy being mothers and who make great investment in their children, but “Mommy” is not their persona.

Great food for thought.

But what I’m pondering is how I pretty much sealed my fate in the Not A Lifestyle Blogger category because in that precious little picture of my daughter trying to fill my oh-so-big shoes, I included a view of my toilet. Which as we all know, is pretty much a House Beautiful bloggy faux pas of epic proportion.

I’ll close with this image of tranquil beauty, in the meager hopes of reversing that trend. You want grace and dignity? I’ll show you grace and dignity.

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  1. Well, I’d rather have real than picture-perfect, any day!

  2. Not only are you real, but you’re smart and cool too. And that’s a rare combination.

  3. That very article was why I came upon your blog. I specifically googled catholic mom blogs because I grew tired of only coming upon mormom mommy blogs… In the last two weeks I have read your blog from the beginning and love that we speak the same language religion-wise. The post where you turnd angrily towards Henry and heard Jesus say thats me has tremendously helped me view my two year old in a different way. Keep on writing!!

  4. Very graceful and most dignified, yes! I’m glad I found my Catholic mommy blogs, including yours. Like searching for the Holy Grail, but so worth it!

  5. It took me awhile to see the toilet. 😀 I’m not Catholic, but I enjoy your blog.

  6. Rachel, you are on MY Top 10 list! I LOVE your blog!

  7. Theresa in Alberta says:

    I am Catholic, and I so ENJOY reading and seeing that too cute Isa with her handsome hero big brothers!!!!!! Her mom is a cool chick also 😉