Stellar Speller

3206 3206_ () 3206 3206 Henry is learning his letters, really getting the concept of letters-together equals words. What fun!

It’s particularly delightful to have him string together five or six random letters and see what word it makes.

“Mom,” he’ll say, “P-R-H-I-L-S-K-Z. What’s that spell?”

“Prhilskz,” I’ll sound out, much to his satisfaction.

This morning on the way to school, my boy was talking letters and words and was excited to tell me he figured out something on his own.

“I know how to spell AIR!” he said.

“How?” I asked him.


How can you argue with that? 3206″> ,



  1. Only in the South! In the midwest, we use AC for about 2 weeks each year. 😉

  2. AgnesRegina says

    Haha — that depends on where in the Midwest, Jen! In Missouri in summer the humidity’s murder unless the AC is on!

    But I love Henry’s spelling of “air”! Keep us posted on what he spells next! 🙂