Quick Takes

3422 3422_ () 3422 3422 1.This week I asked for an extension on my weekly column. My editor was kind enough to give two extra days and I still managed to wait until the absolute last minute. I pulled into the driveway from grabbing lunch with Paul; Isabel was sleeping and I was loathe to wake her. So I grabbed the ipad and keyboard and sat in the passenger seat of the van to write. It was the least distracted I have been in quite some time. The perfect office.

2. Speaking of ipad, it’s Isabel’s favorite toy. Yesterday she padded around the house after me asking for the “pi-dap.” She had put her little croc clogs on by herself and they were on the wrong feet and she waddled around behind me saying “wha-chee-pi-dap.” It was like having my own wee little foreigner in the house to keep me company.

3. Thank you all so much for the interest and support on my writings on community. I have gotten so many emails and comments and I’m hopeful to answer them all. I know we still have a lot of ground to cover — I’m ¬†committed to that being a prime focus around here for the next season. But you know, I also don’t want to deprive you of important fart stories either.

4. Speaking of which, yesterday I was holding my phone and looking at something when I realized Henry was talking to me. “Why are you smiling, mama?” he asked. I was reading a hilarious comment from that post and it was making me laugh. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories with me. Isn’t it great to know you aren’t crazy?

5. In that vein, here’s a tidbit of wisdom I’d like to share with you, something I know to be true but that bears remembering: there is a point each night at which no one in your house should be up. If they are up they should not be up and about and interacting with other members of the household. We were reminded of this the hard way last night when a scuttlebutt of epic proportion helped us close out our day. Already, about ten minutes before, one of the boys came into the kitchen to ask about a costume for literature class the next morning.

“I need help with my Hunchback of Notre Dame outfit,” he said, to which I most uncharitably replied, “heck to the no.”

Nah, I didn’t really say that. I actually said, “I love you son there is no way I can think about one more detail tonight it’s actually bordering on the criminal for you to be asking about that at this hour go to bed we’ll figure it out in the morning I love you amen.”

So off he went and then a few minutes later we fo’ rizzle closed out the day with a fight involving a plastic toy gun being pointed at someone and someone acting in self-defense with a pen and a third party yelling and a fourth party crying (guess which party I was?). Yes the hour was late.

Today at lunch Paul and I agree that the new household rule is “After 9 p.m. you are allowed to be awake but only from the comfort of your own bed.”

6. ¬†Thanks for all the prayers for my mom. She’s not doing great, but much better than the first two rounds of chemo. Next week should be her good week and then she will start the next go round.

7. I close out today’s Quick Takes with this picture from a quick little family vacation we took over Spring Break. I took the kids tubing by myself because Paul had some work to do (we hadn’t planned to go out of town so I took what I could get!) and it was a delightful adventure for us. Here was our picnic spot before we took off:

Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits.

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  1. Love to see that head of red firing up the picture.

  2. We have 6 here and We do almost the same thing now here. I say 8 pm they have to be on their rooms. By 9 pm they are aloud to be awake but no noise and in bed. I find this much less of a struggle than I used to getting the kids to sleep. In this way I feel they are responsible for getting themselves to sleep.