Taking a Breather

I’m concerned that my last post was overwhelming? Or underwhelming? I’m not sure. Does it leave a lot of questions tumbling about?

Paul thinks I might be giving lots of information at once, or perhaps not the kind of information you’re hoping for? Day by day, we’ll take it little bits at a time.

In the meantime, I wanted to walk down memory lane. In high school, I was in the school band. Oh sure we had thirteen people in the band, but it was delightful and darned if we didn’t perform an amazing Pomp and Circumstance one year at graduation, during which time I was playing the clarinet.

But before the clarinet, I played the melodica. And I rocked it.

Almost as good as this guy.

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  1. Mary Henning says:

    Laughing hysterically. Can’t breathe! Almost as good as my flute playing month. My husband is wondering if I’m going to turn blue. Fanning face, drying tears from laughter. Thanks, I needed that.

  2. Too funny. My husband is both a talented musician and an avid Jurassic Park fan. I’ll definitely show this to him.

  3. When I read a few days ago that you felt led for awhile now to share about your community living, I thought “Good for her! She’s found the freedom to really share what is on her heart and what really matters to her.” As the only convert in my family, I find it really hard to be my true self around my other family members. I want so badly to share the truth with them, but I find myself hanging back afraid that I will offend someone or make them think that I am “holier than thou.” I have a hard time overanalyzing what others think of me or may think of me. I can really relate to how you must feel to step out on a limb and share with all of your readers about community living. There may be some people that will have bad things to say, but I think that overall many people are excited and curious to learn about living in a community through your experience. I was recently blessed to hear Gianna Jessen speak in our town. She really drove home the message of being fearless – to fearlessly be who God is calling you to be. I would pass on those encouraging words to you and say, be fearless and don’t worry about those that might think your way of life is weird. I am so thankful you are sharing with us about your life in community and I can’t wait to hear more of what you are led to share! My one question is, how do you find existing communities in the U.S. if you were interested in checking one out?

  4. laughing hysterically at that video….

    cant wait to read more about community

  5. I’m interested in the building of the community, how it was in the beginning, and what it is like now. What kind of things does the community do, or does it not really matter the stuff, just that people get together and do?
    I grew up with more open space than people around, which I loved and a HUGE part of me wants a similar life for my (eventual) kids, but the other part loves the stories from Mum and Dad about how they had all of the neighborhood kids to play with – yet such communities seem so few and far between now.
    I think restoring community life will do a lot to head the country in the right direction again, and would like to start but: How would you suggest one go about developing a community?

    If you could remember such questions when you write your future community posts it would be mighty helpful….

  6. I totally thought of you today when I saw an old black truck that had the words “Truck Norris” printed on it’s hood. And yes, the driver was sporting a mullet.

    People are awesome.

  7. I find your community’s web site answers many of my questions

    Is there a financial commitment also? Does the community ever reject anyone or has anyone ever been asked to leave? If yes, for what reasons?


  8. I thought the post was great, I am looking forward to learning more. I would enjoy more details about day to day shared activities, how challenges are handled, etc. Thank you so much for sharing! I often have thoughts about community living and appreciate reading about what this looks like in “real life”. Blessings–

  9. That video made my day!! Especially since I’m a Jurassic Park fan!