A Few Shout Outs

3514 3514_ () 3514 3514 Imagine my surprise and glee when I opened The Southern Cross this afternoon to see The Gist ladies smiling back at me! We got a shout-out from our diocesan newspaper! How nice!

And now we move from receiving a shout-out to sending one. Our good friend Chris — one of Paul’s very dearest friends — has been in town this week all the way from California. He tells me his daughter is a big fan of this blog, which honors me so. Thank you, Jess, for being a loyal and faithful Testosterhome fan and give your mama a big kiss for me!




  1. Any new Gists on the horizon?

  2. Michelle says:

    It was nice indeed to see you all in our local paper!

    PS: Keep us posted on when you all get Eduardo Verastegiu on the show, ok? ;0)

  3. I listened to some of your past shows while I sewed my daughter’s communion dress. I really, really enjoyed it! It was like sitting with friends…I am sure I talked back to the computer in agreement at certain points!