Lunch in Lucca

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The breakdown of our trip was: three days in Rome, a day and night in Assisi, two days in Pisa with day trips to Lucca and Vicopisano, a jaunt up to Viareggio (the beach) and then back to Rome for one more day. This is the view from our lunch in Lucca — sitting at the Piazza, looking onto a church. See those steps leading up to the heavens? Amazing.

Lucca was beautiful and I enjoyed it much more than I enjoyed Pisa. Although now the glow of warm happy memories is coloring my experience and I’m remembering Pisa with fondness. But at the time, it ranked low on my list of places we had been. Compared to Rome? Tough competition.

In Lucca we rented bicycles and pedaled around the town’s wall — a wall built to protect the inhabitants against enemies who never came.

As with the rest of the trip, the highlight of our time in Lucca was just wandering around, taking it all in. And the bus ride there and back was a glorious jaunt through the Tuscan countryside.

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  1. Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, you get me through my day 🙂 hope that one day I may have the chance to travel with my husband to Italy without our kiddies in tow!

  2. You are absolutely right about Lucca!