Part and Parcel

Henry, upon seeing Isabel without a diaper: Hey! Her business is just a line.

This reminds of the time, way back when, that one of the little boys walked in on me using the restroom. He was completely shocked at the absence of anything there. After all, everyone around this place looked exactly the same.


  1. Kristina says:

    8 years ago we had a similar occurrence. Our three year old (who at the time was the 3rd of four boys) was shocked when he saw his newborn sister’s diaper change for the first time. He exclaimed “Mom, she has no private parts! She has two bums!”.

  2. Upon our son discovering his sister is different: “Mom! She just has a slice!”

  3. Our oldest son had to wait seven years and three sisters later before he finally got his brother. I guess he was still in shock for FINALLY getting a brother because when I changed baby’s diaper, big brother exclaimed, “Oh, wow!! He IS a boy!”

  4. lickona says:

    There is a poem here.

    Two bums, a line, a slice
    Small wonder Genesis
    Describing Mister, Miss
    Should tell the story twice

    A line, a slice, two bums
    Though only one makes poo
    What does the other do?
    Something girly this way comes

    A slice, two bums, a line
    The difference points the way
    Toward blessed nuptial day
    When both shall intertwine

    I’ll stop now.

  5. Too cute! In a busy house like yours, I am surprised it remained such a secret for so long!

  6. How funny! Something very similar to what Kristina said in her post happened in our house when my then 4 year old son first saw me giving his 3 month old sister a bath. “Why does she have a big butt and a little butt?” To this day, my son is now 9 and my daughter is 5, still call her parts a little butt and a big butt.

  7. My oldest daughter was about 7 and I was bathing the little boys when she just could not wait to use the bathroom. After she left the bathroom my two year old looked very puzzled and said “Mum, why does Emma have a space?”

  8. I once had a three year old crying in the tub because his sister’s penis had fallen off and now she only had a little bottom. The name stuck and we still use it to refer to the girl’s business around here.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Too funny! We have a similar story for my 20-month old son, who refers to his penis as his “pee-pee”. He’s always fascinated by my husband’s pee-pee when he sees my husband using the bathroom, and one day he insisted on seeing Mommy’s pee-pee. We tried to explain to him that Mommy doesn’t have a pee-pee, but he kept pulling at my pants to try to look, and finally declared, with amazement, “Pee-pee GONE!”

  10. Michelle says:

    I laughed at Henry’s use of the term “business”! It gives a whole new meaning to “this is none of your business”!! LOL

  11. Terentia says:

    When my grandson was not quite three, he tried to get out of the bathtub by himself while I was drying off the baby. He slipped and came down on the edge of the tub, hurting his scrotum. He was holding himself as he cried, then all of a sudden, his eyes got huge, he started to grin and said “Oh….. BALLS!”

  12. Margaret Martin says:

    I am really curious. Why are people uncomfortable in using the correct terms for women parts. You say penis just fine but no one uses the right terms for a women’s vigina. I am proud I have a vigina and think both male and females should be proud and use the correct terms. I am disappointed that you do not use this as a teaching moment and use the correct term.

    • The “little bum” is actually the Labia Majora. The vagina (also know as the birth canal) is internal.

      • Margaret Martin says:

        Point taken but my point missed completely.

        • I did get your point, but I do think Labia Majora is a lot to expect from a two yr. old.

          • I’m with Jo. We actually use the words “penis” and “vagina” with our two boys (4 and almost 2) and will with the new baby as well (due in OCtober, sex unknown), but those are much more of a mouthful than “pee-pee” and “wee-wee.” We don’t really even specify testicles – not because its shameful, but because its all too much to say at these ages. So “pee-pee” or even penis, just refers to the whole, um, package 🙂

            We also have lots of words for “buttocks” in our house.

            I almost think that female genitals are more difficult, because well, they’re more complicated! Vaginas *are* inside and while I think teaching proper words is important, I think going into the 4-5 major parts of female anatomy is a bit much! (not even from am modesty standpoint, but simply a practical one!)

  13. Catherine Carlson says:

    I want to hear how potty training goes with a girl after all your boys. I learned some great tricks with my boys to make the process go a little faster, but I am at a loss with my girl. No external apparatus to pour warm water on and make them pee! We are left waiting for something to happen and nothing is happening!

  14. That cracks me up! I have all girls, and when one of my daughters saw her cousin getting his diaper changed, she looked at me in disgust and said, “Did my belly button look like that when I was a baby?”