Quick Takes: The Gist Edition

3809 3809_ () 3809 3809 1. I got home last night (after midnight!) from my week in Boston filming Season Two of The Gist. What a blast! I am so excited about our new season, and feel like things are getting better and better with the show. The time flies by sitting there on the set just chatting about topics near and dear to my heart (and the hearts of women everywhere!).

2. I was excited to interview Fr. Robert Reed, who is the President of CatholicTV. He will actually be a guest host on one episode next season, and I put him in the hot seat to ask some questions on divorce. I assured him, after seeing the reticent look on his face, that I wouldn’t be seeking on-air marriage advice. That seemed to ease his mind.

3. The learning curve with this is very interesting (as I shared on ClearVoice, if you caught that show). This is kind of a DUH! thing to say, but there’s a huge difference between print and television. Like I said, duh. It’s a funny thing to spend a week prepping to go off for work and having to put so much energy into hair (remembering to get it cut and colored), nails (oh hey, maybe I should file those things?), clothes (hmmm, do I really only own one pair of trousers?), and make-up (maybe I should replace my mascara before the one-year mark this time…). It’s so counter to how I normally roll. Of course I put time and energy into my appearance, but not usually so much all at one time.

4. As I mentioned, I was on another CatholicTV show this week — ClearVoice, a weekly news show. The hosts of ClearVoice came to our set and interviewed The Gist ladies for their show. Fun! It was on ClearVoice that I revealed that hearing the sound of my own voice was a little unnerving at first and Christine, who was interviewing me, was kind enough to say that’s a universal phenomenon. Christine is a television veteran and was actually a hotshot Boston TV reporter before getting into Catholic media. I think I might want to be Christine when I grow up.

5. As always, I’m so grateful for all the people who help run my life back at home while I’m away. This time around my mom and dad stepped up big time and did an awesome job. Thanks mom and dad! Everyone had a great time.

6. One thing about doing TV is there is a lot of hurry up and wait. But you can’t really go anywhere because it might be your turn to go into the studio to do a promo or station ID, and then there will be long periods of taping the actual show itself. So you kind of hang out in the green room and wait to get called up. You inspect make-up and hair and try not to “tweak” it too much lest all that adjusting send your efforts to pot. Getting an inside look at all this is fascinating.

7. As always, it’s fun hanging with my gals Carolee and Danielle, who brought along one of her girls this week to help take care of Carolee’s new baby. There are actually all kinds of fun people at the studio and here’s something I have learned as well — the people sitting in front of the camera are actually a very small part of the production. Who knew?! We all have ourselves a real good time and I try not to say the world y’all too many times each day.

I miss my family like crazy when I’m gone, but we’re generally having a lot of fun taping too. I am finding that the first bit of any transition seems to be tough for me — I was so homesick those first few hours of being in Boston without Paul and the kids — and of course being in the big city reminded me of my recent trip to Italy (which I tried so hard not to talk about ad nauseum, really I did). And then I kind of settled in and getting home last night was an adjustment because it was so great to be home but also back at the hotel, the only person I had to think about was me (this here’s what you might call the Lazy Factor). But after about 30 minutes of comparing the two, I dove back into Real Life and it is wonderful to be here, right where God wants me to be.

Thanks for hosting, Jen! 3809″> .



  1. What a fun, insider’s look! Thanks to you, Danielle, and Carolee for doing The Gist. I love that show!

  2. Pretty pic of you…like the earrings.

  3. I am looking forward to the upcoming season of the gist. I enjoyed the first very much. You gals did a great job and I loved being able to tune into something that was relavent to me.