An Ode to My Life

If I could bottle the

sounds and smells of

my life right this minute you

would wish I hadn’t.


bunch of sweaty boys over in my house yo, playing with our legos and eating all our steak


  1. But are they ruining everyone’s life? 🙂

  2. Ingrid Vance says:

    I just found my sweaty little boy, asleep, with a tiny secret accident fossilizing in his pants, which I just added to the laundry hamper, already full of sweaty soccer attire. Life is sweet but it doesn’t always smell that way.

  3. I hate the smell, but I love the quiet happiness when there are a bunch of them playing Legos. Doesn’t happen very often here any more… youngest son is 12 (on the verge of finding Legos uncool) and doesn’t have a play-buddy who is here frequently. Tuesdays are the day – we host an English class which includes two brother-buddies. I live for Tuesdays.

    When my older ones were little, I never thought I’d enjoy the sound of plastic on the floor. Times change.

  4. Michelle M. says:

    You are not supposed to let them know you have steak! Just serve them pasta, tons of it!! :0)

  5. Well, we do smells. But I realised that as I wrote about my experience it was becoming an essay on our wealth of experience in that area. So, I put it on my blog. Just as a taster (ouch, bad choice of word), it involves a boy- quite innocently -relieving himself in a lampshade. And last night on their way to bed, after them clearing away the play dough mess I came across the lego diaspora in their bedroom and beyond. Same experience several thousand miles away.

  6. Hahahaha! I just got a nasty visual. I guess it’s better than lots of girl drama!

  7. Hahaha! I can relate. We just got back from a Cub Scout family campout!
    We made our two oldest share a tent. Before dinner they were just hanging out in the tent. At one point my husband came back to where I was sitting, after having checked on them. He said he had never smelled anything quite that bad….