Moving Right Along

So a lucky few of you may have been treated to a funny little post earlier, something to do with one of my boys swallowing some tiny (harmless?) magnets, haha he thinks he’s about to poop them out hahahaha something about a bald cap the end.

And then a dear faithful reader left a comment saying, um, not to alarm you but those tiny magnets are actually pretty bad news, link to story about magnets being swallowed causing serious intestinal difficulties and I don’t mean diarrhea. I mean surgery and serious blockage and the like.

So that resulted in a panicked call to our family practitioner that went something like this:

Me: Um, [son’s name] swallowed four magnet balls the other day.

Him: Oh crap.

The good news is a) the doctor is a really good family friend so him saying that word to me wasn’t that unprofessional and actually him saying that word was more like a prescription, right? As in, if he does the following all will be well; and b) my boy actually had followed that advice several times over and had been experiencing no pain in his abdominal regions and I think we’re safe. But maybe we’ll get an xray to be safe, I’ll keep you posted.

In other news, I got back on Facebook after months and months of being away and discovered all kinds of kind comments along with well-wishes for my birthday way back when (I was on a plane to ROME so I couldn’t have answered anyway I guess), along with some very nice photos, a few of which I’d like to share.

Me and my nephew Gunnar. And yes, gratuitous pic of my arm looking like a piece of very toned macaroni. This was a few days after we returned from Rome, before all the red wine and gelato had a chance to catch up to me. Diet starts NOW.

Me and my friend Kajse (there, I’m finally telling you her real name). I usually refer to her as “Kay” and everyone I know in real life is like, “why do you call her Kay?” and I’m like “because her name is Kajse and it’s very unique and I feel like she gets no privacy when I blast her name…” but guess what? Kajse isn’t even on the Internet. Like, EVER. So I get to choose. Kajse and I have been best friends since we were four. Here we are, just before we each turned forty this summer. She’s with her twin boys, babies number six and seven. And I’m with Isabel. Also, we drive matching vans. And we live in the same neighborhood, about a five minute walk to each other. Pretty cool. Speaking of cool, I can’t remember what the weather was like. And you sure as heck can’t tell by looking. This is something classic about me and Kajse — I always dress for winter; she always dresses for Spring.

Last one, just a picture of two brothers who look NOTHING A LIKE. I’m sorry but genes are just cah-razy.

Thank you Anne for taking the great pix of me and Kajse and of my boys. Also, if YOU, dear reader, are on Facebook would you please head over the The Gist homepage and give us a Like? Or leave us a comment? We might even discuss YOU on our show!


  1. Well, they are wearing the same shirt…

    You had me at “oh crap” LOL!!

  2. Love that last picture! The most common questions I get about our two oldest boys: “Are they brothers?” (they look nothing alike) and “Are they twins?” (they are close in age).

  3. scotch meg says:

    At first glance, those boys do look different. BUT (from an outsider’s point of view) if you look closely, their noses and mouths look very similar. Identical, even. It’s the eyes and the hair (oh, the hair!) that make them so distinctly themselves.

    For my sons, the hair makes all the difference. When it’s short (buzzed), they look alike and they look like their dad. When it’s long, they look different and they look more like their mom.

    Within the family, we think our daughters look very different. Outsiders get them confused.

    Genes and appearances are funny things.

  4. Glad he is doing OK. Your lads are so handsome. I am a bit jealous, I had always hoped I would have great variety among my kids, but everyone says they all look the same, even the ones who are not twins!