Ten Minute Tuesday Starts NOW!

Hello all!

Welcome to our first official installment of Ten Minute Tuesday, the new blog challenge that is equal parts mind blowing and mind growing. As in, you sit and write for ten minutes and get in the habit of getting it out. (Catch phrase brilliance!)

So the way this will work — and I’d love for you ALL to play along — is that you sit down, set your timer and GO. Just start writing. I’m sure if you’ve ever taken any kind of writing class this rings a bell. And as someone who writes for a living, I can assure you that just getting the words out of your brain and onto the page is the battle. There is nothing scarier than a blank screen, cursor sitting there mocking you, MOCKING YOU with her better-than-thou blinking. “Helloooo,” she begins to shout, “I’m WAIT-ting.”

So Ten Minutes Tuesday is here to help. It’s fun to see what you can get out of your head in those ten minutes. It’s also therapeutic. Don’t let logistics hold you back. Just throw those fingers on the keys and go!

It’s also a tad stream-of-conscious and because of that, you might not be inclined to share it all publicly. Also, I realized that maybe not everyone out there has a blog, but perhaps you do enjoy the art of sharing your feelings with the page. So I was thinking if that’s your situation, you could always participate in this writing exercise by using your word processor and maybe even just picking out your favorite paragraph or sentence or thought — whatever it is you get out of writing for ten minutes. Just share a snippet in the comments section — that would be great.

Having said that, I still haven’t worked out the Mr. Linky situation but I didn’t want to let my need to research and get that organized stop us from getting this show on the road. So for now, do yo’ thang and then just leave a link in the comments. Whoever wants to play along. Won’t this be fun!

Annnnddd, I have three minutes left. So I’ll share this, sent to me from my pal Stacey:

And also this last image for you to ponder: this morning I went to the Waffle House to sit and work for a bit (because I’m ashamed to admit that when I am at home and should be working I am oft tempted to do dumb stuff like clean and then clean one more time). So I sat down and ordered grits with American cheese (best food EVER) and also some scrambled eggs also with cheese. And then as the server left I kind of got my wits about me and was like “um. Gross?” That made for a cheesy order that’s for sure. So I called out to the nice lady, “Um, ma’am MA’AM?” but she didn’t hear me. She was too busy placing my order with the cook so I just decided to deal with it. And when my plate came back it had two large piles of food, the one on the left was a pile of orangish grits, the pile on the right orangish eggs. They looked identical.

My eyes swept the restaurant to see if anyone was judging and when it was determined no one was paying me any mind well, I dove into those two mounds of orange goodness and it was delicious.

The end.


  1. Your Waffle House experience reminds me of how my middle daughter will order mash potatoes and plain spaghetti at Olive Garden. The servers always look at us like we’re odd for letting her do this. What can I say, the kid likes her starches!

    Here’s my Ten Minute Tuesday post: http://kareninmommyland.blogspot.com/2012/09/ten-minute-tuesday.html

  2. I just ranted and raved for 10 minutes straight. Is it terrible that I feel WONDERFUL now? Ha!

  3. Well, Rachel you have a lot to answer for. Here I am a blogger and I didn’t even plan to start one. There isn’t much in the first one but then, at this stage, I’m completely paranoid about revealing my family details in case something awful…never mind. That’s the reason why I started the blog I suppose.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

    • I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and add details to my profile. I sound really strange in the blog- but that’s what a 10 minute stream-of-consciouness gives. Thanks to anyone who looked, I’m sure I’ll get more interesting things to say.

  4. May be the biggest grouping of unintelligible thoughts Ive ever written, but it’s not blank space anymore! Thanks for facilitating. Excited to have new blogs to read at 3am 🙂


  5. I thought I already posted a comment, but I don’t see it. So here I go again…I did it and I loved it. Of course I went more than ten minutes, but I finally got out the thoughts that kept me up last night (along with the caffeine).


  6. American Cheese on all your foods? We might be soulmates… just a little bit.

  7. Coming late to the game today! This is a great idea, Rachel. Thanks for hosting :). And here’s my contribution:


  8. I really love this idea! And boy do you get more out in ten minutes than you think you can. Great idea!

    Here’s my link: http://www.mamanash.com/2012/09/ten-minute-tuesday.html