Ten Minutes.

You know what I might contribute to the Internets? What if we had a neat little weekly (which would wind up being bi-weekly and then slowly become monthly because that’s how I roll) feature that was YOU putting on your timer for ten minutes and seeing what you could produce, writing wise? You know, in the spirit of Jen’s Quick Takes and all those other picture-inspired ladies with the weekly link ups? What do you think? Maybe the Tuesday Ten, Ten Minutes Tuesdays, something like that?

If you’re in, say aye. If you’re not, just read on and enjoy the scenery.

To catch you up on the last few days…last time we spoke I was in the depths of despair because things weren’t looking too good for Baby Judah and ya’ll started a novena with us — or agreed to pray without ceasing and it’s all been just wonderful. Thank you! Things feel so much more hopeful and God is certainly here with his grace and peace and other things are falling into place as well. I will keep you posted, but I love you. You complete me. Thank you.

A few items on my To Do list this week: one, return the expensive flashlight Isabel lifted from the local appliance parts store. Um, yes, she gave herself the Five Finger discount on this really cool (with a laser pointer!) flashlight that she was holding as we checked out the other day buying a (very expensive) glass tray for the microwave. We went TWO months without a tray and I was sort of priding myself on my pioneer lady qualities until one day I realized that the microwave popcorn didn’t pop correctly without the tray; it just doesn’t work when you strategically place the unpopped bag on one of the plastic tines and yes I’m admitting to you now that the thing that finally got me off my duff and over to the appliance parts store was our need for perfectly popped corn. We got the tray ($80 later) and we are back in business. The tray cracked way back when due to a fire in the microwave. Just another day in Adventureland over here.

The store is owned by a friend of ours (Hi Stan!) but he wasn’t in yesterday and anyway this nice gentleman helped us and the whole time Isabel was playing with this cool flashlight to pass the time. And then I paid and the man helped carry the large box out to the van and we drove down the highway and then about 20 minutes later, back at home and ready for naps I looked down to discover Isabel had brought the flashlight with her. Just like that. Did the man see her holding the flashlight? Did he wait to see if I would notice? Was he feeling awkward that I was allowing my daughter to carry out a petty theft right in front of him? We will NEVER KNOW. But I did call the store and rat out Isabel and I also assured them I would be returning the flashlight ASAP.

In other news, poor Henry can’t even sleep in peace.

Life with four older brothers ain’t fer wimps.

And finally, because I’m down to two minutes but allowing myself a bonus third because I’m typing with a prosthetic finger (which is getting better hooray and I’m getting freakishly adept at tolerating my splint and life with this thing) — you guys, what should my next book be about? Does anyone care to suggest a topic? I have some ideas but honestly, what do you think I can offer you as a reader? And speak fast because I will likely wake up in the morning and be mortified that I asked and remove all evidence of this question…

Time is up. Hey, that worked pretty well. Ten Minute Tuesday might just be a hit! (Um, yes, I realize it’s Wednesday… we can start next week?)


  1. I love the idea of a “Ten Minute Tuesday” link-up party! In a writing class I took in grad school the professor had us all keep a journal where we were supposed to write for 15 minutes a day, no editing, etc., just 15 minutes off the top of your head … go! I have been thinking about doing that again and was debating whether I should do it just for me or even post the results (or some of the results) on my blog. So I say “aye.” I’d participate!! Plus, 10 minutes sounds much more doable to me than 15. πŸ™‚

  2. Aunt Catherine says

    A fiction novel from the perspective of Isabel. πŸ™‚

  3. This post was awesome LOL! I often do these timed exercises for myself, I just don’t post it anywhere. Is it “writing” if no one reads it?

    How is your boy with the magnetic charm? (You don’t have to answer here if you don’t want to – but I stuck him in the Novena too in case it was necessary… πŸ˜‰

  4. I think the ten-minute job is a great idea. I’ve been slacking on blogging myself — slacking on writing in general! — and perhaps that would be a fun, not-too-time-intensive kick in the pants to get it done. Can’t wait to see what you come up with πŸ™‚

    I hope Henry sleeps well knowing he’s “covered”!

  5. There is a 5 minute Friday- http://lisajobaker.com/category/five-minute-friday/. Perhaps the people who can’t hack it over there could come here?? πŸ˜‰ I don’t think I could remember my name in 5 minutes some days, so perhaps your 10 would be better, for me at least.

  6. Your next book should be about teenage boys, please. Um, and please hurry!

  7. You did that in ten minutes? Man, I need to practice more!

    I had to laugh at the caption of Henry. I have five boys too.

  8. I am so glad to hear we are not alone on the glass tray! My 12 year old daughter shattered ours at our cabin while removing a rice sock from it carelessly. I almost died when the manufacturer told me the replacement cost $136! I could buy a new microwave for that much. After some internet searching my husband found one for $42.

  9. How about a book about how you deal with your other roles besides being a mom to boys? Being a good wife, sister, friend, Catholic, writer, worker, dieter whatever your tips and tricks are for looking good, staying sane, and having fun πŸ™‚ I would buy the first copy!!

  10. I vote for either teenage boys, or life in community – starting with your growing up years and then how you ended up deciding to stay as an adult.

  11. I know you are just starting raising teens but as a mother of boys I think you could give insight on how to raise men in this culture. To be frank, how to we help our sons be chaste and fight the soft p*rn they are assaulted with every day. It just seems to me that with the internet etc that it is a litle harder for boys going through puberty etc. So, I guess maybe a book idea for later?

  12. Yes on the 10 minute link up.

  13. Wanna write about how in the world you fit it all in? My husband is a lawyer too but it’s so bust with kids and trying to squeeze in daddy time, etc.

  14. I am in on the writing gig! I write a blog once a week and so far have kept up with it. But now I’m trying to write another book and I get bogged down by the “no body is going to read this book anyway why should I write” syndrome too. But it doesn’t matter if anybody else reads it…you have to write it! It’s like breathing! Writers HAVE to write!

  15. I’m totally in!

  16. I think you should do a Calvin and Hobbs version of the Balducci household, kinda like a coffee table comic strip of life with boys

  17. I’m in for the ten minute link-up! Sounds fun. I would love it if your next book could be about your mad cleaning skills. I have none, but the little thing you wrote (here? or on Faith and Family?) about wiping down the bathroom every single day was practically life-changing for me. It was definitely life-changing for my bathroom!

  18. i love the picture of your little boy and your comment “Life with four older brothers ain’t fer wimps.” i have four boys and this is so, so true in our house too. πŸ™‚

  19. I would love for you to write a book about your growth as a mom, wife and woman. Both over time, but also how the birth of your daughter changed you and helped you grow. Also growing in faith and grace and learning to accept that grace! The growth from first time mom to 6th time pro πŸ™‚

    PS I love your work πŸ™‚


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