Weekend Highs and Lows


  1. Now this is what I call seeing the best in every situation: “cool mom! Maybe they’ll have a ‘smell my shirt contest’ and you’ll be the winner!”

    Luh-uv it. Also, glad that your mom isn’t a very good shot…

    Thankful with you that your neighbor returned safely from Afghanistan. We are a gold-star family…and even with what that means, it also means that all soldiers are our families and we do not begrudge the coming home of ANY service member. In fact, we rejoice more fully.

  2. Christine says:

    Great story about your the shooting and repair guy. and stinky shirt too!

    I have two who can watch the toddler and two who are useless. It works here in this family also.

  3. Why is that lazy? I think it is smart. Any update on your brother’s baby?

  4. Glad your friend is home safely! My hubby returned from a 15-month deployment in lovely Khandahar last spring. It’s the best!! (the return, not Khandahar!) I was laughing about your one that always watches the littles – I have a son who has that gift, too. I always say he’s either going to be a wonderful Dad, or a wonderful priest!!

  5. #3 is killing me in a good way! I can’t help but giggle too much about the stinky shirt predicament. . .mainly because I get it. Have you met Odoban? This stuff fixes most of my boy shirts, shorts, socks, pool towels, etc stink/stank/stunk-tastic laundry. I don’t sell it, I’m not a paid endorser of any kind. . .I buy it by the gallon at Sam’s. Seriously.

    Praying for the baby adoption situation!