Well Hello There

Big boys on family vacation, playing a “friendly” game of 500

Funny, I totally lost track of this space for a few days. I’m getting to that place in life, it seems, where the pace with bigger kids is just amazing. Very fast. Orthodontist here, dermatologist there, a 12-year-old “well-baby” check-up and next thing you know a week has gone by and I haven’t even visited my own blog!

A few months ago I lost the code for my sitemeter information and I have no idea who is reading anymore. Which, I’ll be honest, isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I suppose I’m just writing for my own mental well-being, and when I’m not overly-motivated to get on here, there you go. I blink and time’s a passing.

Sorry no Ten Minute Tuesday; I’m just not organized enough as yet. Also, it came to my attention that my pal Lisa-Jo has something called “Five Minute Fridays” and I don’t want to be stealing other people’s genius.

A few random updates: I never did fill you in on the Case of the Swallowed Magnet Balls, which turned out to be a big deal. Thanks to alert reader Trish, I was clued in to some news articles concerning kids swallowing these balls and then ending up in the hospital. It was interesting to me that all the kids mentioned were in the nine- to ten-year set, just like our boy here. The story, as it turns out, is that our son had set the magnet balls on his tongue for just a split second and then we went over a bump in the van and down the balls slid to the back of Augie’s throat and off into the abyss where they remained for four days.

And then I joked about it and then I read about the situation. And then Paul took Augie to the emergency room (because I already had my own doctor’s appointment scheduled for that afternoon; Paul is amazing) and they spent four hours at the hospital. And then Paul sent me a text that said something like, “They found the magnet balls…he will be pooping them out shortly.”

So that was exciting.

Word to the wise: these magnet balls are a big stinking deal. Augie was lucky because when he accidentally swallowed his, they were all four stuck together. If swallowed separately, there is the risk of them “finding” each other on either side of an intestinal wall and causing a tear which can lead to putrefying infection. Seriously, not cool.

So that’s all for now. I’m a day late with a magazine article and my editor is HARD CORE so I’d better get my work done. I’m hoping we have a decent night tonight. We were all set to host a pot-luck dinner in our backyard tonight for our small prayer group and literally fifteen minutes before everyone was to arrive, Isabel puked (twice) and then had diarrhea. So I had to make the dreaded call to say “I’ll be happy to host, but maybe you don’t want that?” Germs are funny aren’t they? Because once I acknowledged that we had a sicky in the house, I didn’t feel like I could send the rest of our crew up the backyard to the new location. It was like we had all been tainted.

I’m just hoping that turns out to not be the case at all.


  1. Diane Lynch says:

    What is happening with your sister’s adoption? Many prayers.

    • Thanks for asking. I’m glad because it gives me the opportunity to address the situation without putting up a post (which I can’t do).

      My official statement is: I can’t discuss it (sorry to sound so formal) so that should tell you volumes.

      Please keep up the prayers, it is plenty complicated and we are praying praying praying for peaceful resolve.

      • Oh my Rachel, the volume you speak hurts not just my ears but my heart. Continued prayers for a peaceful and joy-filled! resolution.

        As for Magnet-Boy, glad it all came out well in the end. [sorry…]

      • Still praying here, Rachel. I’m glad someone asked – I’ve been wondering too.

      • I’m so glad someone asked, I’ve been wondering and slightly stalking your blog for updates. I guessed correctly that no news was not good news, and am so sorry. I prayed the St. Jude novena and continue to include sweet baby J, your sister and her husband, and all concerned, in our daily rosary. May God’s will be done.

  2. Prayers continue here, too.

  3. I wanted to ask but feel too nosy – I am still thinking of you all!!! Also – I enjoy your posts how ever often you post, life is busy!! Also – fun that you are now cheering for the Ags (Gig Em!)

  4. (Posting from Scotland) I’m really glad to hear you’re not tied to your blog. I watch avidly for updates but first things must come first and we all have priorities that lie away from the computer.

  5. I only just now got around to reading … HARDCORE? You kill me. xoxo

  6. Hahaha, I love your posts, Rachel! The magnet story reminds me of my son who slid down our playhouse slide into the pool when he was ten. Along the way he got a splinter in his behind. My wonderful hubs, the “official splinter removal expert in our house” took him into the house to check him and comes out of the bathroom saying, “He has to go to ER.” Mrs. Calm-Over-Most-Accidents flippantly replies, “Oh for pete’s sake it’s a splinter!” To which my dear hubs says, “It’s the size of the splinter, hon.” He began to stretch out his thumb and pointer finger indicating the length of the wood stuck in our son’s behind. Yeah, five inches might need an ER visit!!!
    My son is 26 years old and he still keeps the splinter in a lovely specimin jar in his house!

  7. I just wanted to tell you that I love the photo in this post. I raised five boys (now ages 19-28), and it could be them, back in the day. (Their games were always “friendly,” as you say…but the competition was always fierce!) I just love boys–perhaps God knew this and therefore blessed me with so many of them. They’re so much fun and they keep you hopping.

  8. Oh my gosh. I missed the magnet thing. My littlest (age 7) swallowed 2 (thankfully stuck together also) when we were on vacation earlier this year. For some reason I knew that swallowing magnets wasn’t a good thing…and I couldn’t remember why so I promptly Googled. Which of course sent us to an emergency room and then plenty of follow-up doctor visits to make sure the magnets were proceeding (still stuck together) on out of her body. Yikes. It was SO scary. I am so glad it came out okay for your boy, too.