Should I Stay or Should I Go?

4105 4105_ () 4105 4105 Yesterday, I decided it was time to shut down my blog.

After much soul searching and comparing of myself to others, I realized a few things, upmost among them that I’m a terrible blogger for a variety of reasons. After looking at other, better blogs I realized I do none of the things that “grow” a blog — and for that matter I have not even checked my blogger stats in so long I have no idea whether I’m moving forward or moving backward and let’s admit here that if you aren’t moving forward you’re moving backward.

I don’t have giveaways. I don’t link to other brilliant posts I’ve enjoyed. I forget to comment on the kind words people leave here. I don’t boldface important points to make things easy to read.

In short, I’m failing as a blogger.

I got really caught up in the need to shut this party down, wasn’t it just time already?, and began the process of figuring out how exactly one goes about closing down a blog.

“Should I stop…” I began to google and in that nice way google does, it offered suggestions for my search.

“Should I stop beating my girlfriend…”

Um, no? That’s not my issue?

“Should I stop smoking weed…”

Yeah, not really a problem.

“Should I stop taking Propecia…”

I finally finished typing my sentence, but not before realizing that in the grand scheme of things, in the great adventure that is life, the naval-gazing of blogging falls really low in the List of Issues People Deal With.

So that was a nice little jolt of reality.

But then I did look up that information, read a few good articles, and sat back to think.

Should I stop blogging?

It’s silly really, to give it so much thought. I’m not trying to turn it into melodrama or self-analysis or even “hey everybody! please comment on how I should NOT stop blogging!”

found on one of the informative articles about stopping a blog

But the articles I read really resonated with me and gave me a lot to think about. Lately, my blog has been turning into a chore, something I’ve started feeling like I was ignoring and that when I actually did pay it some mind, it was all about how I hadn’t been paying it any mind. Blogging had started to feel like another task, and one I’m tackling with very little finesse.

Then dinnertime rolled around and one of the boys was late. He was an hour late, and in the frenzy that is dinnertime, I was so focused on getting everyone else dealt with (and lovingly nurtured and cared for and loved) that I didn’t have time to track him down. I called one place, the place he was supposed to be, and he had left a while ago.

Which meant he was in another spot, the place he often winds up. And I needed to go grab him and (gently! but lovingly and firmly!) remind him of curfews and respect.

Meanwhile, Paul was running late because he needed to stop by the car dealership to get something worked out with the logistics of how to use the hands-free dialing system. A little earlier he had called me from his truck.

“Rach? RACH?”


“I’m calling you on my truck!”

It was pretty cool, you say a name and the truck calls that person. You talk just in the air and the sound of your caller fills the cab of the truck. Very cool.

So I thought Paul would be pulling into the neighborhood at any moment, since it had been a good 20 minutes since he called, and I called him to fetch our boy.


“Paul, can you go grab [our boy] at [his friend’s] on the way home?”

“Sure. What’s going on?”

“He’s late,” I said, my agitation levels at an all-time high. “Went there without asking. Same. Old. $#*!”

Except that last word I said with great emphasis and using the actual, non-symbols pronunciation.

Paul stifled a laugh.

“Okaaay,” he said…and before he could finish saying he was on the way I hung up. Real quick like.

Fast forward an hour, Paul and the boy home, dinner served and cleared and kitchen cleaned. A few other early-evening meltdowns come and gone, I took a deep breath and…and…and I realized that someone was in the truck with Paul when I called him.

Just like that, I knew that was the case.

“Was someone in the truck with you when I called?” I asked.

“Um, yeah…” said Paul. He was sitting in the truck with the salesman, the very nice gentleman who had sold him the truck, the nice gentleman who was there helping Paul learn to use the hands-free system on his truck when Paul’s irate wife was patched through to have herself an early-evening meltdown as she tried to deal with her Life with Boys.

And then it hit me. Or it hit me a few minutes after my face turned back from scarlet to pale. I need this blog because if nothing else, it’s going to keep me sane.

I write because it keeps me sane. It helps me laugh and it reminds me not to take myself so seriously.

I’m a terrible blogger. But I am a writer. And that’s what this space is for.

Want a jewelry giveaway? I will point you in the right direction. Want pretty pictures of yummy pumpkin cookies stacked in a row? I have a blogger friend who is amazing at that very thing.

Want to witness the ramblings of a woman with lots of boys as she writes her way through these crazy years called Family Life? You’ve come to the right place.

And there you go. I’m here because I write. Melodrama aside and a reminder that I write here to get the words out of my brain.

This morning I texted a good friend who has been blogging for a little longer than me.

“I almost quit my blog yesterday,” I admitted with sheepish flair.

“I have almost ‘quit my blog’ 1,000 times,” she responded, “but in the end I always chose to just ignore it instead. Much less dramatic.”

And there you go. Yesterday’s adventure, delivered to your front door. 4105″



  1. Thank you.

    Just thank you.


  2. Maybe one of the reasons I enjoy your blog so much is because there are no free give aways or pictures of perfect cookies laid out all nice-nice on your counter in some stepford-like, happy homemaker way. Thanks for keeping it real. Signed, A mom whose son is 21 and I still read your ‘blog’!

  3. I often think about shutting mine down too, but talk myself into keeping it because of how many ways blogging has changed my life (sanity, friends, inspiration). Plus I make mine into a blog book each year so that my family has a scrapbook. I just need to not care if anybody reads and make sure I’m not jealous of other bloggers who do such amazing work. With 5 kids and a full-time job, I should be proud of how much I accomplish, right? Anyways, I love reading your blog so I would be too sad to see it go.

    • Um, yes, 5 kids and full time work. If I knew my name at the end of all that, I’d be shouting it a victory. For you to blog in any way shape or form on top of that is pretty amazing!

  4. I feel the same way! WHY did I ‘sign up’ for that 31 days thing? I didn’t do it yesterday amd I have no ideas for today….maybe I should just shut down my blog 😉

  5. Umm… Ann Voskamp comments on your lil ole blog… you must be doing something right! 🙂 Thanks for bringing it all back to reality!

  6. We are living parallel lives and thinking all the same thoughts. But yours are way, way funnier. Thanks so much for a much needed laugh and a little perspective:-)

  7. Puh-lease don’t stop!! In my Life with Boys (to coin your phrase) you are one of the few “friends” who gets it. I know we’ve never met in person, but I consider you a kindred “sister”, just because of how and what you write. I read, and nod my head, and sometimes cry grateful tears that someone else out there understands my life.

    • I am just going to piggy back here on Kris’ comment and say I agree with all this. I just love how witty and real you are about all your s#$$%^. while reminding us all that at least it is blessed s#$%$%. HAHA! No really…just follow the advice of your last lines and ignore when you need. I already miss Kate’s blog, but so thankful that it seems she has not retired, just ignores more. And I’m in that season too. Keep writing here to be sane! No pressure…we’ll be here when you get back. Even when we don’t remember to read our reader but once a week (if that) and miss you were thinking of leaving in the 1st place – ha!!! Much love, hugs, and humor. Praying for you too!

  8. We would’ve missed you. Reading your blog feels like visiting neighbors, except that this single man at a large suburban apartment complex doesn’t do much visiting.

  9. Thank you for being real and being human, and yes, for swearing. I like you even MORE now than I did 5 minutes ago. Please don’t quit your blog??? Pretty please??

  10. Gaby Brucker says

    Love your blog!!! So glad you didn’t call it quits! I love being able to stay up with my sweet summer friend(you!) through your blog!

  11. When my kids were small my college roommate and I would talk, every morning, our talks were much like having a second or third cup of coffee, I needed them, I looked forward to my daily meltdowns with her. Now that our kids are grown, we talk about the daily calls, fuming about this kid or that kid, the chores that had to be done, and the constant errands, driving three kids around all under the age of 4. ( my kids are all 15 months apart) I think this blog is your siobhan, its your stress relief much like our calls were our stress relief. please keep it, it reminds me of the days of young kids or adolescence, training my children. Most of all, brings me back to a place of love.

  12. I second Natalie’s comment. And am giggling bc Natalie is a real life bff and I didn’t know she read your blog. Now you must keep writing so we can be all “did you read Rachel’s post today?” The next time you consider it, know that I will track down your address from Father Tim and simply come peek through your windows for my regular testotsterhome fix!

  13. You admit in public you said what you said, which I have said, and regret saying (and I keep saying, mind you). You are the bomb diggity. I like you more now than I did before. Why don’t you move next door?

  14. I LOVE this post! I’m a terrible blogger, too – no giveaways, I hate promoting myself, etc. What you said about writing, though (not being a blogger but a writer) really resonated with me and made me feel better about what I (attempt) to do. Thank you.
    And, by they way, I think a lot of us follow your blog BECAUSE you are a fantastic writer and author!

  15. Your blog is awesome. Love the pic. of the little critter. Made me laugh. You are an excellent writer….just wish you would blog more about teen boys etc…i have some and advice is always welcomed.

    I swear also.

  16. Yay!! I’m so glad you decided to stay!!! We are a family of 4 boys and I so enjoy reading your blog. As you have said before, we all go through different “seasons” in our lives and your season right now is that of “not blogging too much”:)

  17. I read your blog because you are NOT like all the others…please don’t take that away. There is already enough of them. (Your colum in the Southern Cross is not enoough.)

  18. Favorite story ever! Awesomeness!

  19. Yes, please don’t go! Yours is my favorite blog — the one I check first every morning and every evening. I don’t want give-aways or domestic perfection. I want to know how a real mom of boys keeps it together and keeps God in it. Thanks for the inspiration and understanding you’ve brought us all.

  20. Too funny! Whenever you feel like posting a blog, I’ll be ever thankful. I enjoy the laugh I get when reading your blog. I have a similar family, and I love to compare. And it makes me feel better. But no pressure.. you know, whenever you feel like it. Besides, I never enter those giveaways anyway… they take too much time. ;0)

  21. Thanks for sharing. I’ve felt the same way about my blog 100 times. The posts have ebbed and flowed and I’m in an “ebb” right now.

    So glad you feel like this is a great place to simply be. I love coming here for the very fact that you keep it real. Yours is one of the very few blogs I read anymore. I’m all “giveaway” and “crafted” out. What I have is a house full of boys, laundry that is overflowing, too many tasks on my to-do list and a heart for God. I find all of those things here as well. So, I’ve found a friend.

    Peace to you!

  22. Beverly Firmin says

    Hey….. glad you decided to keep blogging…. it is refreshing and I love your perspective… wish blogging had been around when I was raising my 7…. it will be nice to have documented memories as your memory fades ( surely it won’t… like mine!)

  23. I look forward to your blogs. You make me laugh, cry, and think. Thanks for bringing many joy. You are an inspiration to me.

  24. “It is no small thing to celebrate a simple life!!!” Keep blogging. You are my inspiration to keep blogging too. I don’t care if anyone ever reads my blogs, I keep copies and it’s worth having my own words that remind me to laugh at myself!

  25. Don’t stop. I am happy to read whatever you share, whenever you can. You often make me laugh at myself and my own crazy life. And you remind me to pray. Peace, Rachel.

  26. Oh thank goodness!!!! I nearly had a heartattack at the start!! I have 3 small boys, and a bubs on the way and your blog helps me not freak out too much about my life!! Don’t stop blogging, you are needed!!!

  27. “If I go there will be trouble
    And if I stay it will be double” (is that the song you’re on?) Just stick with the first line!
    Phew that was close! That was like a classic short film drama experience for me -with me in the lead role. I only got half way through your blog before my son wanted a lift and I had to go out before finishing it. I then went to the supermarket and bought some chocolate to comfort me in a post-Testosterhome world.
    What would I do when I was feeling exhausted and was looking for a laugh about trying to bring up a big family of boys? To see afresh the spiritual worth in what I was doing? To know there was someone in similar shoes who was laughing at the pitfalls while also thinking trying to be a saint and going to heaven was the most important thing in the world? Someone who so regularly gives me food for thought even when it’s just a passing reference (I play the guitar and the Avett brothers have been a revelation for several days now…:) I can’t be the only one (and guy) who’ll miss this thing?!
    And then I came back to finish it (and I’m not the only guy!). You really are a superb writer. You can acquire giveaways but you can’t acquire a great natural sense of humour. You have a gift.

    But don’t do that again please. 🙂 (Unless duty calls you elsewhere- first things first). A BIG thank you for what you do and for Paul’s support.

  28. Rachel–your blog always puts a smile on my face. You are doing lots right!!

  29. Random stranger here – I’ve been an absent blogger fore several months – ok nearly two years. My reader is full of “professional” blogs. They are tiresome – giveaways, product promotions, etc. My favorite blogs are written for the sake of writing – like yours.

  30. I’m so glad you’re keeping the blog! It’s really the only one I read. And o my goodness, that story was hilarious!!

  31. You are an excellent storyteller, an engaging, hilarious and touching writer, Rachel, and that’s why I visit your blog. I read to the end of your post and was so glad to know you are going to continue writing. I appreciate your example of a blog that really is focused on writing, really good writing! And that story…you had me cracking up right here in the middle of Panera…and I’m by myself! Good stuff 🙂

  32. Thank you. I read because you write. It’s as simple as that. Somedays your wisdom keeps me sane while I’m raising my two boys. But, if you didn’t write, I’d probably still be kept sane . . . but I’d miss you.

  33. Sara Miller says

    Please don’t stop! You make me feel like I am not alone. I have only 2 teenage girls but some days it feels like a dozen. Thank you for sharing yourself with us!

  34. ohhhhh no you don’t.

    yours was the very first blog I ever read and if you quit …. my e-world will crumble.

    thanks in advance for keeping the flame alive.

  35. Rachel,
    That’s great! Sounds like something I would do. Keep blogging. It’s got to be an encouragement to so many women to know that we don’t arrive at motherhood perfect but it is what perfects us. It’s always good to know your not alone on the journey!
    I love you.

  36. Here is how much I care about whether your blog is like everyone else’s blog: ZERO
    Here is the number of blogs I subscribe to that are all “bloggity blogs” with giveaways and special things, and site statistics, etc: ZERO

    Here is why I read your blog: because you have a conversation with your reader, whomever that happens to be, about things that are important. And funny. And it’s life-giving.

    So there. 😉

  37. I read your blog because you are a real person dealing with real issues. I have twin boys and am always trying to steel myself for what is coming down the pipeline. Your blog helps me to see what goes on in a real home.

    Thanks for writing!!

  38. What?! The first half of your post nearly ruined my evening…thankfully I kept reading. You are a writer; writer’s write. I don’t need gifts or links or games or patronizing or even clean language, just love reading what you write!

  39. I know you weren’t asking for this and that there are probably a million comments already telling you this same thing (I don’t have time to read comments) but I’m so glad you decided not to quit! Even if it’s just once in a while, I so very much appreciate your writing. Yours was one of the first blogs I started following, way back when I had only 2 kids. Now I have 2 more kids (surprise!) and I follow many more blogs, but yours is still one of my favorites.

  40. Oh MY GOSH!!! I just spewed my red wine at the keyboard b/c of your truck *&#! story and now my husband is NOT going to understand. I get it…I haven’t even bothered to start a blog. But please, neglect us if needed but don’t go away forever. As a fellow Catholic mother to five sons (and two daughters), please don’t leave me. I need you, my Jr. Mints and my vino. Okay, “need” is strong, but I certainly want your wisdom and refreshing, funny stories to get me through my own testosterhome.

    Oh yeah, and remember the crazy, stupid question you got years ago from that wacked lady who asked you about a urinal for five sons…that was me. THANK YOU for helping me to see the light.

    And in honor of your song reference,

    But that wasn’t the one I initially wanted. This is the one I remember from my early/mid 90s days at FUS…

    See you next week and Prost from Ohio!

  41. Oh, yay. Life has enough drama without inventing the bloggy kind, indeed. And as you well know, it takes all kinds to make a world. Many of us like your kind. So glad to know you aren’t going anywhere. Thank you.

  42. I’m not commenting because I feel like you need a “Rachel, puhleeeeeeze don’t goooooooo!” comment, but I’m glad you aren’t quitting. I enjoy your blog the way it is, and I don’t think you need to worry about giveaways or crafty crafts or super duper recipes. I have other blogs that fill that need. I like yours the way it is – it’s something I can relate to in this crazy stage of motherhood I’m in, and something I can look forward to when my littles are older. So really it’s a win-win – you get to stay sane, I get to stay sane 🙂 So puhleeeeeeeeeeze don’t goooooooo!!

    PS And of course you shouldn’t feel bad if more time goes by than you’d like between posts. That is LIFE and I for one certainly understand 🙂

  43. Please continue on! I love your blog!

  44. I read your blog precisely because you are a writer, not a blogger. Thanks for sharing your words and your roller coaster of a real life.

  45. Please don’t shut down your blog! I am the mother of 5 sons and 1 daughter! I need you to keep it real for me. My children are older then yours. I am older, too. I’ve been reading since Henry was a baby.
    As for embarrassing moments – After my surgery for breast cancer I had difficulty breathing due to an allergic reaction to a medication I was given during the surgery. I was given a thing (technical term) to increase my breathing capacity at the hospital. I thought I broke it when I blew into it. Turns out, I was supposed to suck the air in, not blow it out. My husband joked with me that “Cancer s*&ks.” That was to help me remember. The next day, my friend emailed me some information on an upcoming Relay for Life Walk. I responded to him, “Cancer s*cks.” Yup – it was reply all. I sent that message to his entire church family. Precious moment that was.
    Don’t stop we need you!

  46. Oh – and at least one of my sons farted on his brothers bed, too. I am going to post that before I change my mind.

  47. Please don’t go. We don’t need freebies, or pinteresting things, or stories of a perfect house with kids in coordinating outfits. We just need real life, a sense of community, some fellowship and scripture, and tales of a little crazy to move us along in our own little households. We don’t even need you everyday (though that would be lovely)… we just need you when it is right for you. God is using you. A lot.

  48. Potamiaena says

    I do miss your old postings. . . pictures with funny titles, and very very short funny cute stuff that the kids said.

    If this is a chore, I think you should consider taking a break. Lots of bloggers do that!! You are one busy momma. Plenty of time for internet later.

  49. Deb Ulrich says

    Thank you for again and again putting words with so many of my thoughts as a mom and as a fellow follower of God. I don’t need any great give a ways, or ideas for cute pumpkin cookies – that only reminds me of how I fall short.

    Even as your time ebbs and flows, our/my time as readers ebbs and flows so I think it probably balances out really well and helps us all keep juggling our lives. To me October is a really busy & intense month; we expect December to be busy but are sometimes blindsided by the intensity of October. so when your October is crazy, remember we are probably all experiencing that too.

    It is great to keep up with your family between summers too – like Gaby said.

  50. First of all, I’m sorry I didn’t read your blog sooner today so I could be one of the first to say “Nooooooo!” There is no way you can quit this blog. I’m sorry, Rach, but we are hooked. Yes, I read your blog because I “want to witness the ramblings of a woman with lots of boys as she writes her way through these crazy years called Family Life?” Your blog lets me know that I am not alone in this crazy boy filled life. I love to read your words and then crack up because I experienced the same thing…or I know I will soon enough. I appreciate your words of encouragement about faith, also. Even though we are miles apart and have never met, I still refer to you as “my friend in Georgia.” =) Maybe we can meet and hugs someday!

    Amy W. in Colorado

  51. BookieBookie says

    We would miss you. And you would miss us.

    All those boys (and girl) won’t be young forever. My five are grown and flying. Keep loving your writing, mama! It is from your soul. It will always weave the strands of your life together.

    God bless!

  52. Don’t you dare!!!!

    I’ve got three boys and a little girl Isa’s age and by golly, I’m not sure I’d make it through some days without your blog. It’s witty and as many have said, real. There are many, many days I am quite certain I will not make it through and without out a doubt, I take one last moment at the end of the day and open testosterhome. My little e-gift from God appears, and voila…I realize I’m not the only one losing it in the world and my children aren’t just constant tests from the Devil himself, but little mischievous angels from God above instead!

    Thank you for your crazy stories, real-life drama (okay and a little blog drama, too), authentic Catholic reflections and your writing, no matter how frequent or infrequent it may be.

    Now, as we say in Texas, keep those big-girl britches on and get back to bloggin’! As time allows, of course! ; )

    Blessings to you and your precious family!

  53. Rachel,
    I love your blog. I miss when you don’t post. But … I meant what I said before (in a prior post). If the blog gets to be another puppy, quit the blog and live your life. We’ll all survive.

    Just don’t go typing into the computer when you could be typing into the blog, because your writing is excellent and your commenters and lurkers love you. Some of us might even be known to read bits to our children because they love you, too.

  54. Catherine Carlson says

    Your blog gives me hope that life can be faced with a smile. That’s something that my husband and I NEED in this stage of life with lots of little people running around. Stay, stay, stay, if only just for me. 🙂 And I don’t care if you post every day or just once in a while.

  55. I don’t normally leave comments, but one thing that I love about your blog is that you just talk about your life and family and don’t sell me stuff either directly or indirectly.

  56. I am so happy that you have not quit your blog .. I am a crazy busy mom of 3 boys and have been following your blog for quite sometime ..I love seeing the updates on your children ect.. your blog is real ..with real stories ect.. that’s why I enjoy reading it ..again fancy giveaways, no neatly lined cookies ..just real life issues ..and I confess ..sometimes a week/2 weeks goes by before I have time to look at it …but there is always something on your blog that makes me laugh..or.. that is heartfelt and true to life keep up with it ..even the everyday stuff we can all relate to is worthy !!

  57. Whew, I’m glad I read to the end and you’re staying. This mom of two boys and sometimes swearer enjoys your blog so much. It is a testosterone zone in an ocean of pretty, girly blogs. Thank you!

  58. So glad your not quitting – no apologies for when life is busy – just enjoy it when you do write!

  59. lol … I don’t read blogs for giveaways. I read them like I used to read magazine articles … to read what someone has to say. Thanks for writing and writing at your own pace.

  60. Rachel, I was so sad when I thought you might be stopping your blog, because yours is one of the few I make the time to check! It’s honest and it’s real and always makes me smile, and that’s why I love it. And honestly…I’m glad you don’t update constantly, because then I’d never be able to keep up. A relaxed update schedule keeps your followers from stressing out about following your posts, because checking in once a week is often an accomplishment for me, but I also don’t want to miss when you do post! Ultimately, your blog really is for YOU and you should do whatever you want with it (including stop it, if that is best for you) but there are clearly many of us who enjoy being along for the ride and would miss you!

  61. Dear Rachel, I’ve never commented on your blog, even though I’ve been reading it for many years, ever since I ran across you in a Good Housekeeping magazine. But this post has prompted me to come out of hiding. I just about started crying when I first started reading it this morning! I’m SO glad you changed your mind. I appreciate your blog so much–your humor, your faith, your wisdom, your honesty. I like it exactly the way it is. You don’t need to change a single thing. Thanks for sharing your life with all of us. God is using you. Be encouraged!

  62. And that is why we love you. (As I emerge from my cave long enough to leave you a nice comment.)

    Whether you stay or you go (I have an opinion, mind you), we’re glad you’re hear a bit longer. 🙂

  63. I think that blogging is the modern day equivalent of sticking your head in the oven for a bit. A way to decompress, a place for your voice to be the one ringing through. So if you need that once a week or once a month or once a day, go for it and if not, well that’s fine too! Enjoy reading and hearing what I have to look forward to with my 4 yo son. Thanks!

  64. You keep it real. I love this about you and your blog, and would hate to see you go.

  65. Keep blogging if it is right in your heart. I love your blog because you don’t know the promotions, and all the other commercial things. You are real.

  66. Sorry, I meant you don’t do the promotions and other things.

  67. Thank you for being real on your blog and sharing your spirit with us.

  68. Michelle Ross says

    Well, I suppose if you quit blogging we will have to arrange some sort of annual Fan Conference like some authors have where everyone can congregate and enjoy snacks while we stand in line to meet you…you do whatever you need to do to get through this season in your life, and know that you have so many fans just like me who will be here for you when you return…whether that’s later today, or whenever it’s convenient.

    Also know that you are surrounded by prayer by people you’ve never met–but who really would love to come by for some roast chicken…(grin)

  69. you are awesome.

    and i’m really glad you’re going to keep up the blog! 🙂

  70. Rach, uncle Bob and I read all the comments and love the response you got. We would really miss keeping up with the fam and all the great stuff you share. We love you and your great family! Keep it going girl.

  71. Amy Northrop says

    Oh Rach – please don’t stop! Your blog has carried me for 5+ years, and soon I will have 3 teenage boys and need your help! Anyway, your writing provides sanity, clarity, and most importantly laughs for tryin times. It helps us just as it does you. Take care!

  72. Kara Schneible says

    Whew! You had me worried there for a moment, I so enjoy the dose of reality and interesting stories of life with boys and one sweet girl I find here. Glad you’re sticking with it, and that you seem to be reclaiming it as yours, not ours. We enjoy spectating, but at the end of the day, the blog should serve your purposes, not ours. Yay, so glad you’re sticking around, no giveaways or links or anything else but just you required!

  73. Please don’t scare me like that! I rely on your blog to keep ME sane!
    I don’t like giveaways or fancy snacks or family trips that make me feel like I am failing as a mom!
    I have 4 sons and 1 daughter, ages 12 to 2 so I NEED your spiritual advice, witt and charm to get me through the challenges like no one else can! A modern-day Calgon!
    Rachel…take me away! To real life, that is. No gimmicks, just real stuff. That’s great blogging!

    And I really need some boy teenage spiritual advice. It’s a new ball game for me and I love to hear the advice and patience of other moms who are raising boys the same way I am!

    Thanks for not ending your blog!
    Oh, and your daughter will need to read all your entries when she is a mom and it will bring her great comfort to get “real time” advice from her mother while she was in the thick of being a mom!
    How cool would that be! I wish I could see what my mom dealt with as far as peer pressure, TV, social issues. etc when I was little. It would be such a gift to give to your daughter!

  74. Real life really is so much grander than fiction. Keep it real, woman!

  75. I love you, Rachel. Especially for posts like these! Please don’t quit!

    God bless,

  76. I haven’t checked your blog in ages, but had some time today and decided to see what was going on. Enjoyed it as always. I bought your book months ago and read most of it, but life happened and I never finished it. Well, last week I did and it had me in tears. Such great writing; such an incarnational family life. Keep living in the truth. And thank you.

  77. Oh my word! So glad you didn’t quit!!

  78. NO!!!! Please don’t quit the blog. I don’t care about pumpkin cookies or free stuff. I just come to read it and crack up. I am pregnant with our 5th BOY and I read your blog for sanity and to know that somewhere out there is someone with the same struggles and joys as me. Someone who is striving to be holy but isn’t afraid to share her human-ness (humanity? whatever the word is). A mom trying to carve out a few minutes to run, to love on her hubby to be nice. When I go out running now, I pray your prayer you posted a few weeks ago. “Help me not to suck.” I NEEDED THAT. The simplicity and honesty of your blog are the best things about it – take a break if you must – but don’t leave us forever!

  79. Rachel,

    I’m so glad you’re not going to shut your blog down! I love the way you write–you’re funny, down-to-earth, and truly a breath of fresh air. Some of the other uber-girly blogs I read tend to make me feel like my life (as beautiful as it is to me) is a bit of a train wreck in comparison. Anyone who’s ever had a houseful of kids can relate to your stories. At least this mother of five grown sons can!

    I hope you keep on blogging…for yourself, and for all the readers whose lives you touch.

  80. So glad and relieved with your decision! I don’t know what I would do…you are one of the few out there, keeping it real for us new moms. Love you on The Gist as well 🙂

  81. Melissa Z. says

    Rachel, I agree with Laura Pearl, reading your blog is like opening the window in a packed, stuffy room. It’s good for the lungs. I love your style. And I never noticed that I like your blog better without the giveaways until you said something. AND, my husband and I had our first yelling fight in 11 years of marriage the other day and I thought of you. AND, whenever I meet a family with all boys, I tell them about your website in hopes that they’ll get closer to Jesus. I don’t blame you that you don’t write much, it’s nice to stop in and read what you say whenever. This blog is very significant! It makes me laugh, keeps me going, helps me enjoy motherhood! Thank you!!

  82. Please don’t quit! Your blog is the only one that I read and think is real…. No perfect cookies, your small OCD issues with clean floors( I relate) . Please stay with me:) I’ve got alot of years left, I still have one that has not started k5!

    ps- I have also hung up on my husband with a client in the car- proud spouse moment…..

  83. Seriously, if motherhood doesn’t make you cuss, cry, or spit every now and then you may not be doing it right. My neighbor (devout catholic woman) who had raised 13 children told me this once when I let an indelicate word fly. I had just pulled my son out of a gopher hole, was panicked, and the back of my jeans split from the effort it took me to get him out.

    Your blog, along with danielle bean’,s were the first two blogs I discovered and have consistently kept up with. Thru thick and thin your blog is a reliable friend.

    Stories like this are priceless because they are the stuff of real life – that’s the beauty of it all – struggle and triumphs. No cross. No Crown… Also neighbor Julia’s words 🙂

  84. No, Rachel! I vote no leaving! First Elizabeth and now you, ya’ll quit scaring me. I really, really value what you give here, and that’s why I have been reading for many, many years. I want to hear the rest of the story, so don’t stress, but please don’t quit, OK? Love you!!

  85. Oh my goodness- I could’ve written this post (only not nearly as well). I’ve been considering the very same thing for the very same reasons. I’m sporadic, rubbish at all the PR stuff, and don’t comment or follow other blogs half enough. And yet something stops me- I remember why I started it in the first place. So if I don’t post for a few days then that’s okey dokey because it’s MY BLOG. And by tye way, I’m glad you ‘re sticking around Rachel- I do so love your blog,

  86. Thank you for being real. Because I am a Catholic mom, doing my best to hold everything together, and yet I still meltdown sometimes (ahem, weekly).