So Much Awesome, So Little Time

4145 4145_ () 4145 4145 If you check in on me at Instagram, you may have noticed these pictures. Here’s some backstory:

It took me three days to notice that Elliott’s eye was black. I kept thinking I was catching a shadow off his (waaayy toooo looong) hair and then Sunday morning it occurred to me that, no, that’s no shadow. My son has a black eye!

If you’re competing for Mother of the Year, you’d better just drop out right now. Because it’s pretty obvious, based on my three-days-to-notice-son’s-injury, that the award shall go to me.

“What happened to your eye!” I cried, to which my son explained he had performed a mean spin move that resulted in his opponent elbowing him in the face (when he brought the ball down low).

“Did you cry,” I asked.

“No,” said my boy, “but the other kid did.”


Henry was one happy boy when we opened the mail today to discover this little gem from CatholicTV. He was so darn excited about this gift (full disclosure: I thought it was pretty awesome too!).

This photo was taken during our filming of A Very Gistmas Christmas. Y’all, this episode is going to rock. It involves Carolee singing a hauntingly beautiful duet with her daughter (who happens to be eight. Or ten. I can’t remember for sure). And it involves the Gist ladies doing A CRAFT. Yes, you are not going to want to miss.

Here’s the thing with my outfit: we were asked to bring something “Christmas-y”. And for some reason I think of Christmas colors as “black.” Not red and green. But black. Why is this? I’m thinking it’s because that’s what I end up wearing to Christmas events? Little Black Dress? I’m not sure. Truth be told, I did pack a red sweater to wear for the episode but when I discovered Danielle and Carolee were also wearing red, in different shades, I got nervous about adding a third shade and went with black. Which works? I hope?

If it ruins the episode, don’t even tell me.


I found this picture over on Instagram posted by Gashwin, a seminarian for the Diocese of Atlanta (who incidentally was one of the very first Bloggers that I met In Real Life, forever ago at the very first Catholic New Media Celebration/Convention).

Let me just tell you that when I saw the image of this bus, I thought to myself: pick me! pick me! I want to be a Sister Jamming for Jesus!

And I want to be there when Jesus gets down wit his bad self.

I totally do.

I bet you do too. Can I get an Amen?

Go head Jesus. Go wit yur bad self.

On that note: good night. And Happy Voting! Isn’t it exciting! 4145″>



  1. Amy Wilch says:

    I’m giving you an “Amen!” That bus is hilarious…I wanna go, too. Happy Election Day!

  2. Amy Wilch says:

    Oh, by the way, I think Elliot looks tough with his black eye! Don’t worry about not noticing…has happened to me before with one of my 4 boys (I don’t even remember which one!). He just has to answer to people when they ask what happened “you should see the other guy.”

  3. aw, that black eye thing happens to me too…… the whole, oops i didn’t really notice it for a few days thing 😉
    And I TOTALLY want to do that too!!!!
    Yay for boys.