She’s Thinking NOT

4375 4375_ () 4375 4375 In which Isabel ponders whether she’d really even want a man in a loincloth to sweep down and rescue her from a congress of baboons:


Paul likes to add extra lines to the book, including answers to the mystery of how Tarzan, a man raised in the wild by gorillas, has such white, straight teeth.

p.s. We do actually own a bunch of classic, non-Disney literature. Why, if you look closely under that Peter Pan book, you’ll see a Calvin and Hobbes family heirloom. And under that, Sports Illustrated! 4375″>



  1. I like their kind-of-almost-matching-at-least-in-genre pajama pants 😉

  2. Love the blondy-blond hair!

  3. I am quite relieved to find out that my father wasn’t the only one to add things to the books he read to us when we were little. We also had quite the array of fairy tale classics and Disney exclusives. I can still remember how much it amused my father to be reading a story about, let’s say Little Red Riding Hood, and all of the sudden he’d slip in something about how she skipped off to Burger King. My sister and I, who began our love of books at a very early age, would raise up in arms, protesting any random additions our father tried to slip in to the classics we’d already memorized. Perhaps it’s in a father’s handbook somewhere as one of the acceptable things you can do to get your kids riled up.