Ups and Downs, In No Real Order

I feel like every post should be subtitled, “Apropos Nothing.” But isn’t that what you would call “A Blog”?

1. The Flu: big downer. Reading lots of alarmist news stories. Feeling nervous. We got the flu shot, but we also had some under-the-weather chillruns today (just coughs and such) and sickness makes me uneasy. These feelings make me unique and special.

2. Book reviews on Amazon: it’s been a looooong day, what can I say. I’m sitting here tonight and out of the blue thought, “hey, I should check on my book at Amazon.” Wow! There are so many nice reviews! Lots o’ five stars which is so very generous of readers — thank you! And that one person who left a ONE STAR review because it took her sooooo long to read my book. She just couldn’t get into it. Who does that? Am I crazy to be a little 🙁 about that? I consider this entry an UP and a DOWN.

2a. That’s the first time I’ve ever used an emoticon on my blog, I think we’ll tag 2a. as DOWN.

3. The Big Room Switcharoo of ’13: Big UP. This deserves its own entry but that is going to require lots of introspection on space and flow, etc and for now I just want to say I’m so glad we took the risk (such a big risk am I right?!) and we moved the dining room into our old family room and vice verse. Now the dining room is huge and the living room (not to be confused with the t.v. room) is much cozier, but it just works. A friend came over today and I asked for her honest opinion and she said she loves the dining room but the other room looks a little too tight. And I have to admit I just don’t care (in a nice way, of course). Everyone is enjoying gathering in this warm little space I just don’t mind that it’s a few feet smaller than would be ideal.

4. A leftover from Christmastime: I was getting ready one evening for a little holiday cocktail party, so excited to be getting prettied up. I went to run a brush through my hair and I felt this, um, blockage. I thought maybe I had a tangle (it had been a long day) and when I brought my hand up to the back of my flowing locks, discovered a partially chewed Sour Patch Kid, just dangling there in festive holiday style. UP or DOWN? I can’t decide.

5. Ideas for future book: UP and DOWN. UP that I’m having ideas. DOWN that I’ve made the sad discovery I won’t be able to write about many of our current adventures for at least ten years. One day I might work up the courage to tell you an outrageous tale from our New Year’s Eve party with friends, but for now know that it involves me and my friend Kajse performing karaoke and halfway through our stirring rendition of Barbara Streisand’s Memories (oh my the emotion!) we look out the front windows to see two of our boys racing down the street in fewer clothes than previously donned. “Are those our kids,” said my lifelong friend into her microphone, to which I replied “oh my gosh.”

6. Big UP: my next book will get more than one star.

7. Big DOWN: it doesn’t come out til 2025.


  1. Love the Sour Patch Kid one….!!! Made me laugh out loud. And I definitely want a post about the New Year’s Eve story…….!

  2. I LOVE the switch! I forgot to tell you last night. Also, meant to tell you that since the last time I saw Isa, a month ago maybe? her language has exploded. I was convinced there was no way I was talking to a two year old! Obviously she spoke well before, but this was crazy! And when I got there last night, she ran into my arms with a HUGE smile on her face. Melt me!

  3. Hahahahaha….no you have it wrong Rachel! You DO write about the present adventures because this is when you NEED to laugh about them!!! (okay maybe don’t publish it where your kids will read it until they are ten years older!!!)
    And the Sour Patch stuck in the hair made be fall down laughing too!!!

  4. The sour patch kid one was an UP because you found it at the beginning of the evening. At home. In private. And not at the end of the evening when you were at the party. Trust me on this one. 🙂

  5. That was maybe the best use of an emoticon I’ve ever come across.

  6. I tried the big switch and while it worked for the living space the dining room space was just not quite right. So I switched it back. Good luck with your switch!

  7. Is it possible the reader who took sooooo long to read your book had it UPside DOWN? Maybe a quick-start set of instructions should have been included on the inside cover. And maybe laughing prompts at the end of sentences.(Ha ha)
    Mind you, those would have taken up a lot of space!

  8. The Sour Patch Kid in the hair is exactly why you need your daughter to get older–she so would have told you it was there! Boys–they don’t even see that stuff!