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4626 4626_ () 4626 4626 I was all set to live blog again tonight because darn if that didn’t make an otherwise stress-filled evening a lot of fun. The best part is that thinking back, it’s just doesn’t seem like the evening even was a stressor. But when I started blogging things (at 6:02pm I believe) I was feeling like “oh hey, let me step back and be an observer otherwise I’ll be an assailant.”

As my friend Susie told me tonight, “It’s a good thing I gave up murder for Lent.”

But then, late this afternoon, things felt so quiet and peaceful. And I thought “yawn. Who wants to read about THAT?” So instead of blogging about one boy working on a sonnet for lit class while beautiful chamber music wafted from my Pandora app (I’m absolutely serious, so yes I kept checking the sky for the Rapture), I sat for a minute and inhaled deeply.

Three seconds later, I realized I hadn’t heard from Isabel and Henry in way too long. I think four minutes had passed and aren’t we always doing that complicated dance of “why don’t you go off and play for a few minutes” with “WHERE ARE YOU? IT’S TOO QUIET.”

I guess not being tethered to the stove-top frying my bacon up in a pan really changed things and a play-by-play wasn’t feasible tonight. But I will close out my evening report with a tale of a very wet bathroom floor, not of the good variety.

Isabel, gasping: Sun-buddy wet the floor!

Paul, surveying the scene: It smells like a subway in Philadelphia.

Henry, calling off from the study nearby: I didn’t mean to!

Paul, explaining: He has some “velocity” issues.

A few links for your consideration:

My friend Mark writes beautiful reflective pieces at his blog and I was thinking about his post on having an extended prayer time the other day. I was thinking about it when I arose early yesterday morning and I whispered a little prayer to the Lord, “Lord! Maybe the littles can stay in bed long enough for me to have a relaxing prayer time.” Literally the second I had that thought, I heard the sound of Henry’s feet hitting the floor and running in my general direction. Different seasons, and oh how they come and go.

I read about this cool site somewhere — Lego building challenges — which looks fun even if we aren’t “current.”

Here’s the chicken noodle soup I made the other night. It’s by Paula Dean. She lives right down yonder from us (Savannah, right down the road). It’s good. I substitute cognac for the cooking sherry. I read somewhere you can do that. Hic. (Seriously, it all burns off…) 4626″>



  1. On the scale, it depends on whether or not you get obsessive about it or have an eating disorder related to constantly checking your weight. Personally, I know I cannot have a scale in my home. I, like you, go by how I feel and stealthily sneak a check while pretending I have to go to the bathroom at someone else’s house. Well, a friend or relative, not just random stranger’s house. Lol

    On a side note. I just finished your chapter in “Style, Sex and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Discuss What Really Matters” and enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing your talents and insights. Blessings to you and you super heroes, male and female! 🙂

    • Alison,

      So glad you enjoyed the chapter! Thanks for reading it!

      Thanks for your thoughts on the scale — I ended up deleting that part of the post and your answer kind of alluded to that — there are so many people with so many issues/concerns (that I didn’t think about when posting that!). Thanks for sharing!

  2. Michelle Ross says

    “Velocity issues”. Oh, how I needed that laugh today…and even as a mom of only 3 boys, I have wiped up so many floors in the last 12 years…and most of the time, I didn’t consider it a blessing like I should, with the seasons passing so quickly! Thank you for sharing your days with us!

  3. Thank you for giving me a name for this particular bathroom issue (which we encountered yesterday, in fact!).

    “hic” HA! You’re too funny.

  4. Very funny. I’ve alway wondered where your Mom and Dad get it from? Thanks for the plug

  5. Too too funny! Love your sense of humor. Thanks for sharing your life…. : )

  6. Thanks for the Lego link. We’re not very ‘current’ and I think the Lego philosophy is, by their own admission, supposed to be about imagination. Our children just have a whale of a time with the simpler stuff- but wow there’s so much of it.